The Traveling Twosome Returns – Fall 2023

On June 9, 2009, Louis and Char Magnifico originally launched The Traveling Twosome.  At the time, it was still years before streaming TV and podcasts became so mainstream.  Pioneers of these new outlets, Louis and Char successfully grew an international fan base by making funny videos, fake commercials, streaming television shows, and parody PSAs.  It wasn’t long before they started their podcast radio show, The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience.  Their audience grew exponentially once Louis and Char held their first televised mixed wrestling match against each other after being trained by pro wrestlers.  The Traveling Twosome continued to delight fans worldwide until going on a lengthy hiatus in 2020.

During the hiatus, they continued to make custom videos for fans and toyed with turning the original site into a paid subscription website.

Now, almost four years later, The Traveling Twosome are about to return.  It’s officially announced that the Fall of 2023 will be the re-launch of The Traveling Twosome.  Everything you used to love about The Traveling Twosome is coming back… even better!  And it will still be free!

But if you enjoy our creative work, you can “keep it going” by supporting The Traveling Twosome voluntarily via your tips!  Visit the Tip Us page to learn how!  We truly appreciate your support!


The Traveling Twosome Returns

Watch our promo video for our return here:

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