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A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler

By Louis Magnifico

Louis and Char are trained in the art of professional wrestling then they step in the ring... against each other! As you can see by the pic, Char was a natural! »

A Day in the Life of Our Friends Thinking We’re Nuts (or, how Char and Louis found themselves in a mixed gender wrestling match)

By Louis Magnifico

It was, to say the least, a day we will never forget.  As we entered Little Rock’s Clear Channel Metroplex, I wondered how in the world we got ourselves into this.  We walked through the lobby and into the arena where several men were setting up a wrestling ring.  In a matter of minutes,... »

June 27, 2010

By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, competitions, or good times at home for the Pic of the Week!  Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun! This week’s pic is from the filming of an episode of our new TV show, A Day... »