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Mixed Arm Wrestling from the Paper Football Bikini Bowl Game

By Louis Magnifico

When we held out First Annual Paper Football Bikini Bowl Game, we also filmed a mixed arm wrestling match during the competition. »

Paper Football Rematch – Featuring Wonder Woman!

By Louis Magnifico

When we published the video of our Second Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game, we knew it was going to be a hit!  Char played in costume as Wonder Woman while I played in a rather ridiculous outfit I called “Star Man.”  The game was intense (as is usual for us) and the production... »

The Arm Wrestling Rematch

By Louis Magnifico

Three months after Char and I fought to a draw in our now famous Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Competition, we stepped up to the table to face off again.  The first match became more popular than we ever imagined with our readers.  The original blog post and video on our website has... »