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The Love Potion Commercials

By Louis Magnifico

For our Paper Football Championship Bowl Game which first aired on Super Bowl Sunday 2011, Char and I created several fake commercials to show during the game.  It was Super Bowl Sunday so we went all out on these commercials and made “Super Bowl” style commercials that went “over the top.”  Your feedback blew... »

Vintage Performs Live at the River Arts Festival in Downtown Memphis

By Louis Magnifico

The band that Char and I perform with, Vintage, performed a concert on the stage outside of Beignet Cafe during the River Arts Festival in downtown Memphis on Saturday, 10/23/2010.  We had a great time playing music and we were also delighted to meet several people at the event who were fans of The... »

Appreciate Love: How To Nurture Your Marriage

By Char Magnifico

What is Love? Love is something to be cherished and measured in moments, counted by minutes of smiles, laughter, sights, sounds and warm embraces.  Whether life is rocky or smooth, as long as we have each other then we have a chance to love more today than yesterday and even more tomorrow. Let me... »

The Arm Wrestling Competition

By Louis Magnifico

After weeks and weeks of taunting and talking – much of it in comments and posts on this website – the big night finally arrived… The Traveling Twosome Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Competition.  Our readers have been encouraging us in this event for several weeks now – most of you cheering for... »

A Little Pre-Match Intimidation

By Louis Magnifico

We’re less than 72 hours away from the much anticipated Traveling Twosome Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling competition to be held Thursday night, January 28, 2010.  There’s been a lot of pep talk from our readers encouraging us in this event… mostly rooting for Char while the poll results on who you think... »