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Win a Collection of 9 Futuristic Planet Series Posters from ScienceHype!

By Louis Magnifico

On May 19, we interviewed artist Frank McKeever of www.ScienceHype.com on our radio show!  McKeever is a fascinating creative artist whose works are simply beautiful!  His Futuristic Planet Series of posters look like vintage World War 1 and 2 propaganda posters or old travel advertisements but are futuristic in theme!  We’ve got one hanging in... »

5-19-2015 Radio Show

By Louis Magnifico

On tonight’s radio show, we interview artist Frank McKeever of www.ScienceHype.com!  Frank is an artist who creates artwork, clothing, and home decor that has truly captured our imagination and inspired us with his creativity.  We fell in love with his work after viewing his Futuristic Planet Series of posters.  These posters look like vintage era... »

4-29-2015 Radio Show

By Louis Magnifico

On tonight’s radio show, we read recent fan comments, talk about our upcoming challenges and videos to be released, let you know where to catch our upcoming Vintage shows, and Louis will introduce you to an artist that has captured his imagination – one that we will be interviewing on our radio show very soon!... »