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Exploring the Lower White River: Des Arc and De Valls Bluff, Arkansas

By Louis Magnifico

The band in which Char and I perform, Vintage, has performed many times in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Traveling west through the state on Interstate 40, we’ve frequently hit heavy traffic delays around exit 202 due to construction.  Early on, we learned we could take the exit for a little detour and travel through a... »

Touring the Small Towns of West Tennessee

By Louis Magnifico

Char and I are visiting several small towns in West Tennessee for a series of articles on The Traveling Twosome.  Our first tour took us to Somerville, Whiteville, Dancyville, and Oakland.  With nothing more than a full tank of gas, two ice chests packed with snacks, and our cameras, Char and I set off... »

Tom’s BBQ

By Louis Magnifico

Memphis, TN is known around the world for it’s Bar B Que.  In Memphis, unlike most other cities, the term Bar B Que is usually meant to refer to piles of pulled pork smothered with spicy BBQ sauce layered between two buns.  Visitors to the Bluff City are often encouraged to eat at one... »