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The Traveling Twosome: Live, Love, Laugh will be published in 2012

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“Where were you nineteen years ago?”  This was the question that spawned an amazing adventure when two broken people with a similar past resolved to stop simply existing and start really living.  Beginning a new life together, Char and Louis Magnifico stepped out on a remarkable journey that has found them hanging out with Elvis Presley’s bandmates, visiting Al Capone’s favorite get-a-way, and wrestling each other in the ring.  Life has never been dull since these two said “I do” and their journey is just beginning.  They have found that life is spectacular when couples become each other’s best friend.  You’ve watched their life unfold on TV, the radio, and the internet… now read the book.  Filled with tons of full color, artistic photos which recreate their journey, The Traveling Twosome: Live, Love, Laugh will be THE conversation piece in your home or office lobby!


The Traveling Twosome Live Love Laugh

This book is going to be spectacular – a truly fun book to read… and one of the best conversation starters you’ll ever have laying around your living room or office lobby!  Louis and Char Magnifico will take you on a wild, fun, and romantic journey as they recap the first few years of The Traveling Twosome.

The highlight of the book is all the beautiful, full color, artistic photographs of Louis and Char by Rob Deglow.  Some of Deglow’s photos capture The Traveling Twosome as they recreate many of their roles from their TV Show (A Day in the Life) and as they perform with their band (Vintage).  Other photos capture the essence of Louis and Char and showcase why only they could be “The Traveling Twosome.”

The book’s narrative will take you behind the scenes of many of their more unusual adventures!  Read what Louis and Char really have to say about their “Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler!”  Go behind the scenes at some of America’s most romantic Bed and Breakfasts.  Discover the fun that really goes on during their infamous competitions and their hilarious “fake commercial” productions.  Join them as they discuss working in radio and hear their stories about many of the celebrities they have worked with including George Klein, DJ Fontana, and Ray Walker (all members of Elvis Presley’s entourage), Lynne Margulies (girlfriend of the late Andy Kaufman), and musician Richard X. Heyman.  You’ll also read about their common passion for music as they talk about how they met in a rock band and about their current experiences performing and recording now with Vintage.

More than this, you’ll also catch a rare and intimate look at a truly unique couple that has embraced the blessings of life, love, and laughter – and embarked on a wild and crazy adventure at an age when many others begin to wind down.

In addition – highlighting the fact that Char truly believes that romance begins in the refrigerator – the book will also contain several of Char’s most requested romantic recipes for date nights IN.  Fans of The Traveling Twosome and Vintage may be more familiar with Char as a pro wrestler, a rock singer, a magician, or a superhero…. but as Louis knows best, one of Char’s most impressive super powers is uncovered in front of a stove.

This book is unlike anything you’ve seen before – a wildly entertaining book of stories and photos that come together to reveal a most intimate look at a most unusual couple.

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