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The Traveling Twosome

The Traveling Twosome

The Traveling Twosome chronicles the life and adventures  of Louis and Char Magnifico (that’s us!).  We operate a Roku TV Channel (The Traveling Twosome Channel), produce entertaining short films and documentaries, host a national radio show, record and perform music with our band (Vintage), and publish eBooks.  We do journalism, photo journalism, reviews and coverage of places and events, and photography.  We are also regular guests on other radio shows heard all around the country. We specialize in things off-the-beaten path, roadside marvels, small towns, and relationships.

Unlike many travel and entertainment sites that showcase only the most popular tourist destinations, this site will spend a great deal of time bringing to light our adventures on “the roads less traveled.”  Oddities on Roadside America.  I recall a trip we took to Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee.  Signs adorned the park directing people to see the “Pecan Tree.”  We had to go check it out ourselves.  What was so special about a pecan tree?  We drove for quite some time and kept being directed further along.  Suddenly, the signs were more descriptive:  “world’s largest pecan tree.”  After continuing on the lengthy drive, we finally arrived…… at the rotten trunk of a fallen tree that had been struck by lightning just a few weeks before.  Now THAT’S worth writing about, right?

One of our TV Shows, “A Day in the Life,” features the two of us taking on other people’s jobs. hobbies, or towns and experiencing them for ourselves.  We’ve had some amazing experiences on the show.  We were trained by pro wrestlers then stepped in the ring for a match against each other (Char won), we worked with Elvis Presley Enterprises and showcased Elvis festivals and Elvis fans, we have even become stage magicians after working with master illusionist Maxwell Blade.

So…. just who is The Traveling Twosome?  We’re Louis and Char Magnifico – a tremendously happily married couple enjoying life to its fullest!  We have three beautiful children whom we love more than words can describe.  Char and I tour in a rock band together,  Vintage.  Vintage performs music from Rock’s Finest Eras and our music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, CD Baby, our band’s website, and wherever music is sold or streamed.

Explore the website, enjoy our entertainment – that’s the best way to get to know us.


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