Our Wedding

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Louis and Char recite their own vows to each other.
Louis and Char recite their own vows to each other.

Char and I spent an evening reviewing some of our Traveling Twosome posts and scanning our iPhoto library on my Mac, revisiting some of the “unpublished pictures.”  While doing so, I came across our wedding photos and realized we had never written a post on our wedding day!  We’ve shared a birthday celebration, raved about a seafood market, bragged about a new restaurant, taunted each other mercilessly as we played a pool championship, and even shared our discovery of a lily pad habitat.  So why not blog about our most amazing wedding?

For our readers who do not know us personally, allow me to provide a brief context:  Char and I are Christians and believe that God has blessed us beyond our expectations for our faithfulness through two very difficult circumstances.  Each of us left previous marriages on Biblical grounds and remember well what it was like to face the future with such uncertainty.  We knew each other as friends and band mates (I met Char when she became the singer for Tuesday Sun, our previous band) and we quickly became the best of friends as we were going through our hardest times.  Our pasts had so much in common that a deep connection was easily formed – a connection that turned into a romance.  It is obvious to us as we’ve lived our life together that we are perfect companions for one another.

With that in mind, we wanted our wedding to reflect just what we believe God has done in bringing us together and blessing us with each other for our faithfulness to Him throughout the proceeding years.  Therefore, we requested nothing fancy, nothing expensive, no decor, nothing that would distract from the simple but profound union of Char and I under God.

Louis and Char taking communion during their wedding ceremony.
Louis and Char taking communion during their wedding ceremony.

We held the wedding ceremony just after church one beautiful Sunday morning with just a handful of family members and friends.  Char and I wrote our own vows to each other, took communion, prayed for our life together, and were introduced as husband and wife (getting to kiss the bride first!).  Very simple by many people’s standards yet remarkably profound to us.

My New York bride wanted to get married barefoot (NOT barefoot and pregnant, just barefoot).  You’d think she was the one born in the South, not me!  So when you see pictures from the wedding, you’ll notice her lack of shoes.

There was music played from a CD before and after the wedding.  The music was from our great friend, John Albert Thomas.  John is a pianist who writes inspirational piano music for relaxation and reflection.

It’s funny in retrospect:  Char and I perform with Vintage – a band that plays at wedding receptions.  Yet we didn’t support our own industry by hiring a band or any other live musical act.

The entire experience felt more like a small, intimate worship service than anything else.  And that’s exactly how we wanted it:  just a small, private service to give glory to God for what He did in our lives.

After the ceremony, we went to my parents home for a lunch reception.  We didn’t stay long, however, because we also had other plans that day…. no not what you’re thinking…

Char digs in to the wedding cake!
Char digs in to the wedding cake!

We had planned to have a party for the kids that night at home.  We planned this before we set a wedding day!  So rather than postponing the party, we just continued our celebration with our family and friends.  So that night, about thirty people came over and we had a fun and games for several hours!

Once all the kids began to exhaust themselves playing, the house cleared and it was just the five of us at home enjoying our new family, along with a guest who was staying with us – a lifelong friend of Char’s.  Touched by our story and our wedding ceremony, she began to ask questions about our faith and came to a relationship with Christ that very night.  Char and I stayed up till the wee hours talking and praying with her.

We didn’t immediately take a honeymoon but did so soon after, in stages.  First was a weekend trip to a cabin on a lake.  Next was a trip to The Smoky Mountains.  Then we agreed to something unique.  Rather than having “a” honeymoon, we decided that every time we take a trip, it will be another phase of our lifelong honeymoon.  After all, we always say our honeymoon will never end.  Doing this is just a way to show it.  I do think it will be humorous when we book a jacuzzi suite 20 years from now somewhere and tell the hotel we’re on our honeymoon.  “Oh, wow – when did you get married?”  “20 years ago,” we will say.  I look forward to that…

Our marriage has been remarkable and we share a love I never thought possible.  We’re still best friends, still band mates, but now we’re so much more as well.  We’ve centered our marriage around our faith and our entire family has benefited because of it.  We share a bizarre sense of humor, many of the same passions, and an amazing life together.

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Our family on our wedding day.
Our family on our wedding day.

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  • December 4, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    A day we will never ever forget! Very blessed that I was able to be part of that very special day!

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