March 5, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is of Char Magnifico by the pool.

Char Magnifico poolside in the animal print bikini


26 Responses to “March 5, 2017”

  1. Blair

    OMG you are beautiful!!!!! So? Have you considered my arm wrestling challenge??? Please?

  2. Nigel Green

    I hope this is you relaxing after winning your bikini mixed wrestling match! And I hope the video is almost ready for us to see! 🙂

  3. Seth

    Excuse me for being so blunt, but if I were there, I would have to tuck that tag inside your bikini top. And while I was doing so, if my hands just continued to slide up and copped a feel of your breast, it would be worth taking the well deserved slap in the face.

  4. C.S.

    If I bought a swimming pool, would you come lay out at my house every day this summer?

  5. Stu

    Louis is the luckiest man in the world. No question about it! Char, you are a dream!

  6. Kurt Shannon

    Wow!!!! Char you are gorgeous! I love that bikini on you! Another competition in it soon, I hope?

  7. Brian Aston

    Goddess, I would relish being your personal servant and slave! I’d give in to every whim and serve you however you wanted! Of course I would be subject to your discipline if I ever fail to please you!

  8. Lonnie Walker

    You are SOOOOOO HOT!!!!

    And since I know that everyone is going to be talking about the bikini, I’ll be the odd man out. It’s your hair that strikes me! Your hair is beautiful!

  9. Bryson

    I’ll be your pool boy, Char! Lotion you up, bring you your towel. 😉

  10. Jeff

    Wait a minute, you don’t get a break, Char! You have some videos to shoot and some competitions to play!

  11. Gunnar

    Super sexxxy!!! 😉

  12. Drake

    Char, you wanna skinnny dip? 🙂

  13. Drew Davis

    Oh Char? Strip poker. Don’t forget! 🙂

  14. Patrick Holt

    You know, Char, those videos won’t get done with you just laying around at the pool. LOL

    My wife has seen Wonder Woman twice now with her sister and niece and has become a huge WW fan! She’s asking me to take her back to see it again with her this weekend. I told her I would go as long as she promised to buy a wonder woman costume. 😉

  15. Patrick!

    AWESOME!!!!! She must get herself a costume!! YES!!!!!!! And….. the pool has been calling my name. I’m even dreaming about more time at the pool!! LOL

  16. Drew,

    We have not forgotten. I promise!

  17. Drake,

    I already have several times. SHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh Don’t tell anyone. ROFLMAO!

  18. Thanks, Gunnar. 🙂

  19. Jeff!

    You made me laugh out loud!

  20. Bry,

    You may have to take that up with Louis! LOL!!!

  21. Lonnie,

    THANK YOU! I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, to be honest. LOL

  22. Brian,

    I seriously snort laughed and spewed my water when I read your comment! OMGosh You are so silly!

  23. Kurt,

    Competitions galore are in store….. don’t worry. And thanks!

  24. Stu,

    I happen to believe I am the luckiest woman in the world. Louis and I are PERFECT for each other!

  25. C.S.

    Could Louis come along? LOL!!!

  26. SETH!!!



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