November 6, 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is of Char Magnifico in her officially licensed Wonder Woman bikini!

Char in Wonder Woman Bikini

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38 Responses to “November 6, 2016”

  1. Seth

    OMG!!! Char they’re perfect! Holy SHIT!!!!! My fav photo of you ever! Hands down!

    Louis, listen to me very carefully. If this is the WW bikini we missed out on for the last strip poker match, then you are on my shit list! You better beat her in your game three tie breaker! I have to see this one on video!

  2. C.S.

    WOW!!!!!! Char you are beautiful! I’m speechless!

    This bikini looks incredible Char! Can you take a pic showing more of it? The whole logo at least?

    Is this the last strip poker bikini? Louis, you suck! You HAVE to win next time!

  3. Nigel Green

    Char! This is the bikini I want you to wear for our autographed photo! You are gorgeous and this one looks amazing on you! People would go nuts over a pic in this bikini! Stunning!!!

  4. Patrick Holt

    When I see this bikini, only two words come to mind. Oil wrestling. That. Would. Be. Hot! What are the bottoms like?

  5. Brian Aston

    Goddess, you are a beauty! I love the chains holding the bikini on. I love how they match your golden hair. And those perfect breasts!!!!

  6. Brian Aston

    How much longer until Strip Poker 3? I can’t wait to see this!

  7. Stu

    Stunning!!!! Char you are perfect! I am staring at your boobs! I can’t believe this! You couldn’t look any better! And they’re real, too, aren’t they? This bikini rocks!!!!! Go Wonder Woman! You should wear this in a competition vid! Can you imagine arm wrestling!!!! OMG!

  8. Blair

    Breathtaking photo! Wow! I’m in love!

    Char, this is the new WW bikini you were wearing during Strip Poker, isn’t it?
    Louis, you owe the entire world an apology for losing!!!!!

  9. Gunnar

    Let me get something out of the way first before I explode. Then I have a serious question. But first, Char, you are drop dead gorgeous! I mean, you should be a swimwear supermodel with your physique!

    Now for my serious question. Char, how old are you again? You defy aging, don’t you? You have the hottest body and most beautiful skin! What is your secret? Do you drink from the fountain of youth every day? You are hotter than women half your age! I’m serious! I’ve seen women who naturally look young, but damn!

  10. Drew Davis

    I’m going to try my best to keep this comment PG-13. You have the most-
    Never mind, I’m stuck in R rated mode now.

    Char, have you ever arm wrestled Louis while wearing this?

  11. Kurt Shannon

    You did it! You posted the bikini pic! Best bikini of them all from what I can see here! Show it all! I’ve got to see the rest!

  12. David

    Yes!!!!!! I love you Char! This is your hottest bikini picture yet! Awesome!!! Bad ass WW bikini!

  13. Jeff

    Ok Char. I’ll say it. I want you!!!! 😉 this is hot!

  14. Lonnie Walker

    There’s only one thing I would change about this picture. Could you take it closer up? Or zoom in a little? I’m going for the smothering effect. 😉

    When will the trivia video be up? Also, now that you’ve teased us with this Wonder Woman bikini, you can’t make us wait any longer for the strip poker rematch! Please, Char! Let’s see who wins the tiebreaker!

  15. Bryson

    I’ve been a fan of you and your website for many years and this is the BEST pic of the week you’ve ever posted! Words can’t describe your beauty!

  16. M.B.

    You really need to film a wrestling match in that bikini!!!! I’m sure Louis won’t mind! Can you post a pic of the whole outfit?

  17. Christopher Rodgers

    OMG! You are hotter than ever in this picture!

  18. Justin

    Who are you and where have you been all my life?

  19. Bill

    OMG! How did I miss this when you first posted it?

    Char, I am speechless! You are indeed a goddess! BREATHTAKING! WOW!!!!!!!!

    Please don’t take this offensively, but Char, you are perfect upstairs! And everywhere else! You are so hot!

  20. Trevor Sutton

    She’s hot. 9/10 maybe even 9.5/10.

  21. Porter Days


  22. Dwight


  23. Spotter92

    You are sexxxxxxy!!!

  24. Ron Jordan

    I have a major Wonder Woman fantasy. This bikini is the bomb! You know what else, you are gorgeous! You can use your lasso on me anytime you want!

  25. Ricky

    Hot damn! Ur beautiful!

  26. C.S.

    Hi Char! Did I already tell you that I totally dig this WW bikini? I did? Well now I’ve told you again!! This bikini deserves another compliment after all! So are you getting ready to reveal it when you LOSE strip poker on air this week? 😉

    Louis, you WILL WIN, right????

  27. Ron Jordan

    I been looking at a little more of your website. Have you really wrestled guys? That would be hot if it’s true. Whats that about?

  28. Ron Jordan

    Is your radio show weekly and always put on your website? Or daily and you just put some of them online? I listened to the one on the website from last week. You two are good!

  29. Glenn

    I need a cold shower. With this babe! Bwahaha!

  30. Tony B


  31. Jdghjsdjdjds

    the wonder woman bikini reminds me of a joke I heard. superman was flying by and saw wonder woman naked on the beach with her eyes closed. He knew he could fly down for a quickie at the speed of light then fly away and she would never know. Thinking this might be his only chance to score wiith wonder woman he flies down and before wonder woman can blink he’s gone. What the hell was that, wonder woman said. The invisible man said, I don’t know but it sure tore my ass up.

  32. Pete

    Ohhhhh hell yeah!!!!!!!!! I’ve always wished Wonder Woman was blonde! And in a hot bikini – BONUS!!! You should make a Wonder Woman fan film and be Wonder Woman in it! You look HOT!!!!

  33. "Tank"

    You are so super hot! I love the Wonder Woman bikini! Wish you showed it all. And you really fill it out! Someone’s a happy man! Damn!!!!

  34. Tommy Joseph

    If I saw you in that Wonder Woman bikini at the beach, I’d pop a ***** so big no one could hide it!

  35. Zane

    She’s a total fantasy girl! WOW!!!!! What’s she been in? Where do I see it!

  36. Zane

    Never mind, I just found the video tab! 😀

    I know what I’ll be watching today!

  37. Zane

    I might be doing something wrong here, I have left some messages on this picture but they are not showing up. Do I need an account or something? I just want to get the message to you that you are gorgeous! I have watched a few of your videos now and I am blown away by you. I think it is so hot and sexy how you always dominate your man. I think strong and dominating women are the hottest! The bikini paper football game was cool as hell. And I am just crazy about the wonder woman costume and bikini! Where can I hear your radio show? I already joined your email list on this site. You rock!!

  38. Zane – You didn’t do anything wrong, we were just off work for a few days due to the holidays! As you can see, your comments are approved and online. Yes, Char is indeed quite gorgeous. As many have said, I’m a very lucky guy! The radio show is aired weekly and the easiest way to catch it wherever you are is to subscribe to the iTunes Podcast of “The Traveling Twosome” – you’ll get all of the weekly shows sent right to you that way! Welcome to The Traveling Twosome!


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