Behind the Scenes – Recording the Audiobook of “You Asked For It”

Thursday, February 4, 2016
By Louis Magnifico

Our fans asked us to write a fictional account of Char and me in a mixed wrestling match.  Rather than just writing an account of a match, we decided to co-author an eBook series about Char as a wrestler.  We tag-teamed the effort, trading off chapters, and neither of us knew where the other was going to take the narrative when it was our turn to write the next chapter.  The result was The Charminatrix Volume 1:  You Asked For It.

After reading the eBook, our fans asked us to take it a step further.  They wanted us to record it as an audiobook, each of us reading our own chapters.  We filmed the reading of the audiobook in the studio and here is a video featuring some behind the scene shots from the reading.  Char, by fan request, came to the reading dressed in her Silver Seductress costume. Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “Behind the Scenes – Recording the Audiobook of “You Asked For It””

  1. Kurt Shannon

    It is truly mind blowing watching you read about wrestling, Char! Unbelievably sexy! I can’t wait to get the download of the audiobook! How much longer?

  2. Seth

    Well I’m horney now. Keep reading to me Char! 😉

  3. Gunnar

    Wow! That was so hot! I loved watching your face while Louis read about how he was going to beat ya!

  4. Drew Davis

    You look hot listening to Louis read!

  5. David

    When is this coming out? Will there be a full video?

  6. Blair

    This costume is awesome! I can’t wait for the paper football championship bowl game in it! Very sexy Char!

  7. M.B.

    Char, you are BREATHTAKING in that costume!

  8. Neil

    OMG wrestling you would be the best fantasy for me. I love this!

  9. Jeff

    Like I’ve said before, have Char promote it and boys everywhere will be signing up to join the wrestling team! You really like wrestling Louis don’t you Char? You lucky duck!

  10. Bryson

    The eBook was great. Hearing you read it, even better. But watching you in that costume read it, that’s the best! So damn sexy!

  11. C.S.

    What an awesome surprise! I didn’t expect to get a new Silver Seductress video this week! Cool!

    Char, watching you read about wrestling, especially while wearing that bad girl wrestler costume, is an amazing experience! Wow! Totally made my night!

  12. Patrick Holt

    Louis, I don’t know how you got through that recording without jumping all over Char! She looks delicious wearing the Silver Seductress outfit!!!!

  13. Hunter Matthews

    Char, that costume is going to get me to switch sides on the Nintendo Ice Hockey competition, isn’t it?

  14. Martin

    Amazing! I was about to send both message asking why so much delay for upcoming videos. This is really sexy! keep the videos coming

  15. Bill

    So this year’s Super Bowl is behind us now and I think it was a great game. If it’s any indicator of your own paper football championship bowl
    game this year, well it doesn’t bode well for Char. The underdog won the Super Bowl. Does that mean Louis will win the paper football Super Bowl???? I suppose I’ll see soon!

    How much longer? I’m dying to see it, Char!


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