Fake Commercials and Parodies from the Third Annual Battle of the Sexes Chess Match

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

Our Third Annual Battle of the Sexes Chess Match included several brand new fake commercials and skits – mostly in the cowgirl theme.  Here they are individually if you want to see them again..  Enjoy!

Char Magnifico's Hillbilly Immersion Course

1.  Hillbilly Immersion Course – For only $10,000, Char Magnifico will beat up your wife or girlfriend and make you a Nashville Star. Trust me… it’s worth watching…

2. Cows on Blocks in the Front Yard – A documentary exploring the fading boundary between country and western. It’s about time someone exposed this travesty.

3. Help Me Help Others – If you get a million requests to support other people’s projects and you live on a fixed income, perhaps you’ll relate…

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7 Responses to “Fake Commercials and Parodies from the Third Annual Battle of the Sexes Chess Match”

  1. Blair

    Thanks for posting these individually! I can see myself watching the Hillbilly Immersion Course commercial all the time when I need a “Cowgirl Char” fix! LOL

  2. Bryson

    Char, I love these!!! You are the best!!!

  3. Patrick Holt

    Louis, you look so serious on Cows on Blocks. ROFLOL 😀

  4. Seth

    Go Fund Me so I can Go Fund Others – PRICELESS! Glad someone finally spoke out about this scam! Good for you Char!

    I still think Hillbilly Immersion is the best of the new commercials. Just hilarious!

  5. Drew Davis

    Your fake commercials are the best anywhere! I’m so impressed at how much you can do with just the two of you acting in your skits! So much talent, and Char you are just made for the camera. You are naturally beautiful as your husband knows well!

  6. Gunnar

    Char, keep these cowgirl commercials coming! These are a riot!

  7. Kurt Shannon

    If the Hillbilly Immersion school is a success, Char can start up a Beat By a Girl seminar where she kicks your ass in wrestling, boxing, arm wrestling, and more for two weeks. Helps cure you from being afraid of being beat by a girl! LOL


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