3-3-2015 Radio Show

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience

On tonight’s radio show, we banter about some recent fan comments, talk about some upcoming news regarding Vintage and Mid South Musicians, discuss our upcoming videos including the 3rd Annual Battle of the Sexes Chess Match, and much more! ย Check it out!

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12 Responses to “3-3-2015 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    Char, I can’t wait to hear you do Wicked Game! I’ll be the first to download that song when it’s available! Great choice for your voice!

    BTW, hearing you talk about yourself “all wet and oily” for the next oil competitions almost made me drive off the road this morning! You have to warn me if you’re going to tease us like that! Oh, and I’m looking more forward to seeing that than even hearing the song! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Bryson

    Char, you know you need to post a pic of those boots then (on you) if they look that good! Nothing beats women in boots! Great show this week! You guys sounded like you were having too much fun! LOL And the WW video is going to be outrageous! Looking fwd to it!

  3. Seth

    What’s this about you pinning Louis in 8 seconds in a wrestling match! Is that really true? 8 seconds??? Seriously, Char? Did you really? How many wrestling matches have you had? I keep searching and I’ve only seen very few online. Where can I see them all? I especially want to see you whipping Louis in only 8 seconds. That had to be the ultimate humiliation, Louis! Char, you are BAD ASS!!! I wonder how long I’d last I the ring with you? Wanna find out?

  4. C.S.

    Louis your list of most embarrassing defeats to Char was awesome to listen to! Great question for Louis, Drew Davis!

    Your top three were all good ones. I’m shocked at how arrogant you went in against Char at Chess. Still think you’re smarter or more “logical and strategic” now? Char, you should have knocked him back in his place for even saying that! It had to feel good making him eat his words on that one! And to know she beat you, Louis, and you were supposedly TEACHING HER how to play? Who took who to school? Ha!

  5. Patrick Holt

    Hey get a room, you two! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. David

    I’d pay to see the handicap match of Louis and either a weak man or weak woman as a tag team partner against Char with one hand tied behind her back. I bet Char would still win. Easily.

  7. Drew Davis

    Good responses you both gave to my question on the 3 most humiliating defeats and 3 most exciting victories. I’ve seen the arm wrestling video from the bar, Louis, that had to be humiliating. It seemed pretty packed in there! Nicely done, Char! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    New questions for you both this week. Char, what competition do you most want to beat Louis at next that you haven’t tried yet? And Louis, who would you be pulling for if Char were facing off against another guy or girl wrestling? Would you stick with your wife or would you like to see somebody, anybody beat her since she’s creamed you so many times? Sort of a way of getting your revenge?

  8. Gunnar

    I have a confession, Char. With you saying how you are so intent that Louis will never beat you, period, and how embarrassed you’d be if he did, I actually am kind of hoping he does somehow beat you one day just to see how you’d take it out on him the next match. There would be no stopping you!

  9. Hunter Matthews

    Did you say Char did the radio show wearing nothing but thigh high black boots? ????

  10. Kurt Shannon

    I want a date with Wonder Woman.

  11. M.B.

    Someone needed to throw some cold water on you during the show. I was blushing just listening to you guys!

    No, that wouldn’t have worked, that would just provide a wet T Shirt contest for you! Not that Louis would mind that! ROFLOL

  12. Drew Davis

    I thought of another question for you, really it’s for Louis. But I’ll wait until after your radio show when you answer my other ones first. One at a time. I’ve really been enjoying your videos and your radio show. I’ve checked out the Roku streaming stick and might order one to get your TV channel. Anything on TV that isn’t online? You should call it the Girl Power channel instead of The Traveling Twosome Channel! Keep up all the good work. And Louis, you are a very fortunate man, you know!


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