2-24-2015 Radio Show

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience

On tonight’s radio show, we review a lot of fan interaction on our website over the recent Pics of the Week and our last radio show.  We also talk about our upcoming productions and Vintage releases.  Check it out!

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11 Responses to “2-24-2015 Radio Show”

  1. Is it true that Char is 12″ taller than Louis? Did she really pin him wrestling in 8 sec flat with one arm tied behind her back and blind folded?

  2. Blair

    I’m glad you guys went for my “oil arm wrestling” idea. I think that’ll be a funny and sexy competition! The game of catch oiled up will be good, too! Can’t wait to see them both!

    Char, if anyone could get Dr Ruth to blush, it would be you and Louis. I’d love to hear an interview with her on your show! Ask her if she’s ever done any sensual mixed wrestling if you get a chance to talk to her!

  3. Christopher Rodgers

    I’m all hung up over Drew’s question to you, Char. I’m with Louis on this one. How could you be more humiliated losing a wrestling match to Louis than a weak and small woman who isn’t physical? I know what you say, that you’ve taunted Louis all this time and told him he would never, ever, ever beat you no matter what. But Louis is still a guy and he isn’t all that small, really. Anyone who didn’t know your strength and saw him beat you wouldn’t be too surprised because people expect guys to win against girls anyway. If anyone, whether they knew your strength and experience or not, saw a weak small woman pin an Amazon like you, they be trashing you forever! Way more humiliating for you than losing to Louis. You aren’t thinking about it all the way through.

    Now, truth of the matter, Louis knows he could never beat you in a match and I think any small, weak woman would be terrified to go up against you if they know how physical wrestling is. No way a small woman could beat you unless they were tough as nails and trained. I think you could beat Louis and a weak woman at the same time in a handicap match with one hand tied behind your back.

    Good conversation starter, but you have to know losing to Louis wouldn’t be as humiliating.

  4. Bryson

    Char a couple things, first the best part of your weird news story this week wasn’t about the 82 year old herself or that she stole the sex fantasy body spray but the fact that you started talking about fetishes and used the words S&M. Talk about a turn on for me! I quickly forgot about the 82 year old hearing you talk about S&M play. 😉 Also, anyone who doesn’t think you are drop dead gorgeous is blind! Just saying! If I ever had and lost someone like you I’d feel like this biggest jerk ever!

  5. Patrick Holt

    I caught something you said Char and had to play it again to make sure I heard it right the first time. And I did! You said that you’d kick anyone’s ass in a wrestling match, male or female, if they were as weak as Louis. Wow! Louis, are you going to let her dog you like that? Well, I guess if she thinks you’re that weak and she can back it up by kicking your ass, then you have no choice! LOL

  6. C.S.

    Playing catch with oil all over you is going to be hysterical. Oil down the ball as well as your hands!

    Char, that recent Wonder Woman pic of you is unbelievably hot! And your size and shape is sexy and curvy! Anyone would have to agree!

  7. Drew Davis

    Hear that, Louis? Char would rather lose a wrestling match to a wimpy girl than to you! ROFLOL!! That would make me scared to get in the ring with her if I were you! She’s bigger, stronger, and determined that she ain’t gonna get beat by you! I am really looking forward to seeing your match now in the You Got Beat By A Girl documentary. She’s going to pound you down to the mat my friend!

    Ok, next question. For Louis. Your top 3 most truly embarrassing defeats to Char. And Char, your top 3 most thrilling victories over Louis. Let’s hear them!

  8. Oh my!! Let me rephrase that! Louis is NOT weak….. but I am stronger. I meant if they were equal in strength. Oh my!! ROFLOL!! I may have to give Louis another shot to prove me wrong. *wink*

  9. David

    The two of you really have fun with your fetish, don’t you? 😉

    Louis your news of the weird story was hilarious! You should try to talk to Bird and see if he has heard about this lunatic!

  10. Seth

    How dare you edit my comments! ROFLOL 😛

    Seriously, your videos are the best and your pics are really hot, Char! The arm-oil-wrestling competition is going to be awesome. With you in your oil wrestling clothes and all wet and oily, I’m sure I’ll leave another comment on that video that you’ll have to edit! 😉

  11. Hunter Matthews

    No, Char, you’re not the only person who doesn’t know the names of the chess pieces or who can’t remember all their moves without a cheat sheet. But you probably are the only one who doesn’t know those things but beats people who do! Chalk it up to Girl Power!


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