2-18-2015 Radio Show

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience

On tonight’s radio show, we read your fan feedback and talk about some upcoming projects! Check it out!


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8 Responses to “2-18-2015 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    Char, you can’t get out of being oiled up if you’re doing a competition in your oil wrestling clothing! That’s the whole point of the oil wrestling costume! 🙂

    So, what competition should you do? My vote is arm wrestling with your arms and hands oiled up! Can you imagine trying to do that? 😉

  2. Patrick Holt

    Louis I wouldn’t be laughing and quizzing Char about chess pieces and their moves if I were you. You might laugh that she calls the pieces “knobby head” and “the horsey” but the thing that matters is, who beats who? I believe Char won the last two or three matches! Right???

    Drew, would there be any question that losing to a weak woman would be more embarrassing for Char than if she lost to Louis? Duh!

  3. C.S.

    Char, your phone sex voice is going to be my new ring tone! What a way to end the show! 🙂

    For the competition in oil wrestling clothes, why not just oil wrestle? What could be better? If not, maybe play catch with arms and hands oiled up. LOL

  4. Christopher Rodgers

    Char you can read news of the weird stories in that sexy voice every show if you want! I’m turned on and I’m not even wearing those tights! ROFLOL

    Char had you said you would have been more humiliated losing a wrestling match to Louis more than losing one to a smaller non-athletic weak woman, that would have meant Louis would be weaker than the weak woman. I don’t think you thought your question out completely this time, Drew.

  5. Seth

    I with Hunter, pull her top down next time, Louis! 😀

  6. Drew Davis

    Char, so you’d be more humiliated losing to a smaller woman than you would be losing to Louis in a wrestling match. Ok, I can see that given how you took the question, talking about weak women. But I think I asked the question wrong. What I’m getting at is let’s say the smaller woman and Louis were equally strong. If they were an equal challenge to you in all respects, which would be the more humiliating loss? Louis or the woman? Am I making sense?

    And given your response about the possibility of being sexually distracted and losing in a match with Louis, what if that happens in the filming of You Got Beat By A Girl? Would you change the title of your film? Fair question!

  7. Gunnar

    So will we see Part 2 of the oil wrestling PSA in the chess competition video?

  8. Bryson

    CHAR! That sexy voice! YES!


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