December 28, 2014

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is of Char Magnifico singing at a recent Vintage gig.

Char Magnifico singing with Vintage

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5 Responses to “December 28, 2014”

  1. Blair

    So beautiful! Louis you’re a lucky man!

  2. M.B.

    Amazing shot, Char!

  3. David

    You’re getting intimate with the microphone! ROFLOL

  4. C.S.

    You look HOT Char!

  5. Curtis S

    BREATHTAKING! Hard to believe this photo is of the same Char from the cover of You Got Beat By A Girl!


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