1-20-2015 Radio Show

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience

On tonight’s radio show, we read fan comments, laugh about some strange news, and update you on our goings on! Check it out!

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11 Responses to “1-20-2015 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    Char, you surely know that all the guys you know aren’t really teasing Louis about you beating him at arm wrestling. They might razz him but inside, they are all wishing you’d give them the opportunity to lose to you. It’s so sexy watching your “girl power”! I’d gladly take on a little teasing for losing if it meant I had a shot at arm wrestling with you. I know there are some super macho guys who would think of losing to a girl as the worst thing that could happen to them but for guys like me, it’d be a turn on! 😉

  2. Bryson

    ROFLOL Char you can’t get mad at me for asking you to restate what you already said, that you could beat any of the men you know (except the bodybuilders). You’re the one who said it, not me! Hahaha! Who knows maybe if they are insulted, they might give you a LITTLE bit of a challenge and make it more fun for you. 🙂

  3. Patrick Holt

    Wow, there’s so much I want to comment about today. Char, about your news story, I wouldn’t want not to suck them just because they are, ummmmmmm, full. Wouldn’t stop me for a second! 😀

    Ok, so about the tag team match, Louis are you nuts????? Dude, let the girls partner up! You and me against the girls! Yes!!!!! I’m so there for that! Char, yes, you can film it, show it, put it everywhere for everyone to see! I agree to it all! Just say the word and it’s on!

  4. Seth

    Your radio DJ voice is kinda hot, Louis. LOL

    Hey Char, what are you wearing in your wrestling match with Louis on You Got Beat By a Girl?

  5. C.S.

    Can you put up a Pic of the Week of those webbed feet? LOL

  6. Christopher Rodgers

    Char, Patrick and Louis already lose to you girls in wrestling matches. A tag team match of the losers vs the winners will clearly go to the winners. I think you need to handicap the match to make it fair. Patrick and Louis will get a third teammate to fight the two of you. I of course will volunteer my time to be that third person on your team, Louis and Parick. 😉

  7. M.B.

    Cool! We get videos of the cowgirl, female boxer, and Wonder Woman all coming up! Awesome! Thank you for pleasing your fans, Char! You are the best!

  8. Drew Davis

    You know, I read all the comments every week and listen to most of your shows, but I wonder how many of these guys who keep saying how they want to get beaten by Char or any woman at wrestling or arm wrestling could really handle it if they did lose in front of an audience. Think about it. There’s no questioning that strong women are hot but how would guys deal with knowing they couldn’t beat a woman. I think a lot of them are attracted to the idea but couldn’t deal with the embarrassment if it really happened to them. Louis, you’ve been beaten by Char in front of crowds. Was it different from what you thought it would be like when it happened? Do you tell your friends that you just let Char win whenever she’s not around? Thoughts to ponder. Enjoyed the show again!

  9. Hunter Matthews

    Should we expect a fair game in this year’s paper football match or are we going to have to have a rematch like last year! LOL I just watched the two from last year this weekend. Great videos!!! Looking forward to this year’s!

  10. Gunnar

    I didn’t cry, Char, but it was very moving. 🙂

  11. David

    Hey Twosome, which one of you initiates your strength play?


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