2014 Traveling Twosome Olympics

Saturday, January 3, 2015
By Louis Magnifico

2014 Traveling Twosome Olympics

The 2014 Traveling Twosome Olympics was held in December and was a much closer contest than many of our fans expected!  In order to win this year’s Olympics, Char would have to win both of the final two competitions.  Did she prevail?  Check out this year’s recap video and find out!

The final two events – chess and paper football – are a preview of the upcoming 2015 Paper Football Championship Bowl Game and the 2015 Battle of the Sexes Chess Match!  Stay tuned for those events!  Char will enter those events in character as the female boxer – the productions will be chock full of brand new fake commercials, hilarious skits, and more!

In addition, there is a bonus mixed arm wrestling competition at the end of this year’s 2014 Traveling Twosome Olympics video presentation.  Enjoy!


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11 Responses to “2014 Traveling Twosome Olympics”

  1. jackson

    Char is amazon woman

  2. Bryson

    Great job humiliating Louis once again Char! Paper Football was pretty close but you annihilated him in chess! Looking forward to the upcoming rematches in the female boxer costume!!! 🙂

  3. Blair

    Good games, but nothing is going to beat the mud wrestling event from 2012! 😉 Congratulations on the victory, Char! It’s always great to watch you kicking Louis’ butt!

  4. C.S.

    Nice job making it look like Louis was going to win the Olympics this year. Dd you really think we didn’t know you would somehow pull it out in the end? No way your gonna let yourself get beat by a guy, Char! Especially Louis! Looks like you two had a lot of fun this year! Now… Hurry up and finish the You Got Beat By a Girl film.

  5. Seth

    I bet when you get together with friends, every guy you know begs Char to arm wrestle him. That extra arm wrestling competition at the end of the video was total domination. Hey Char, arm wrestle me sometime?

  6. Hunter Matthews

    Paper Football isn’t a fair game between you. How can Louis possibly focus on the playing field when right above the touchdown line your cleavage is right in front of him, teasing him the whole game? That’s a penalty against you. Illegal distraction. That’s got to be a real rule. 🙂

  7. Patrick Holt

    I bet that was a surprise to you, Char. You won the Olympics by beating Louis at chess! Haha! I love it!

  8. M.B.

    I thought you were going to do the Olympics in the female boxer costume? Great video, though, and another great victory for you, Char! Loved the paper football comeback!

  9. Gunnar

    I’d love to see you guys compete in volleyball.

  10. David

    Great win, Char! You are sexy and awesome!

  11. Christopher Rodgers

    Next year’s olympics should be all strength games. What do you say?


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