11-25-2014 Radio Show

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience


On tonight’s radio show we launch a new format with new segments!  We hope you enjoy our changes!  On this episode, we chat about Vintage, our new songs, our upcoming You Got Beat By A Girl documentary, and more!  We also read fan comments!  Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “11-25-2014 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    I’ve never laughed so much during a radio show in my life! You were just hilarious this morning! Great show! And yes, I like the strange news segment!

    I’ve got to jump in on the story about the Florida bartender but first please can you put the arm wrestling match you had at the bar on your Roku channel? I really like seeing your videos on my TV not my computer and I didn’t see it on the channel anywhere.

    Now, the bartender. What the hell was he thinking? If a hot woman came in and did the same to me, it would be like a dream that came true for me! This guy seriously has some problems to work out in his life. Thanks for sharing the story, Drew! Oh how I wish there would have been footage of that happening! Too bad we didn’t have smartphones with cameras in the 80s!!!

  2. Bryson

    Why does that bartender get to have a woman come in and smack him down in arm wrestling to his surprise while guys like me would do anything for an experience like that! Why him? He was too insecure in himself he couldn’t even let himself enjoy the moment? What a loser! Feeling bitter…..

    Char, did you really have the midget wrestling dream? Do you remember any more about it? You really should wrestle a midget. LOL

  3. Patrick Holt

    Wow! Two really great stories this week! First, I had no idea Elvis was in to wrestling women. Thanks for the cool story about it, Louis. I probably won’t read the book that goes in to it all, but if you have anything else to share about Elvis and wrestling, please do it on the radio show. I bet he loved dating a woman wrestler! I didn’t know they had women wrestlers in the 1950s! Cool!!

    The woman who beat that bartender in Florida, that story was even better! Something like that needs to happen to Warren, too! ROFLOL Drew, what was she wearing when she arm wrestled him? Wouldn’t it be perfect to have that woman and the bartender both interviewed on your You Got Beat By A Girl film?

  4. C.S.

    Great show today! You have got to find that bartender and have him on your show! He sounds like a real jerk! I’d love to hear Char debate him about girl power.

  5. Seth

    Char, I am glad I could make you laugh with my comments. It’s true, though. Those midget **(edited)** would be full grown man size if they had a sexy wrestling match with a gorgeous Amazon like you. 😉

  6. David

    Drew, was the girl who arm wrestled the bartender less muscular than him? Thanks for sharing that awesome story!

  7. Hunter Matthews

    The bartender incident you talked about is AWESOME!!! I wish I could have been there to see that and meet her! She sounds so hot! Did she know she would win I wonder?

  8. Gunnar

    I LOVED hearing about that bartender! GOOD FOR THAT CHICK!

    And Louis, did Elvis really wrestle women or were you not serious about that?

  9. Drew Davis

    I’m glad y’all enjoyed what I shared about the bartender being beaten at arm wrestling. It was fun and exciting watching it happen! Patrick, I can’t recall what she had on, it was too long ago. David yes she looked a lot less muscular than him but she just had some raw power in those guns of hers. She was hot! I’m new to this, what’s You Got a Beat By a Girl about and when can I watch it?

  10. Drew, welcome to The Traveling Twosome! Glad to have you as a new fan! We operate a Roku TV Channel (The Traveling Twosome Channel), host a weekly radio show, publish original eBooks for iBooks and Kindle, produce short films / videos / documentaries, and also release songs and perform live with our band (Vintage). You Got Beat By A Girl is our most recent eBook and it is being made into a documentary as well. That will be coming soon to our website, Roku TV Channel, and several media streaming services that we partner with for our productions. Thanks for your feedback on our site! Stick around and enjoy us!

  11. Seth

    I believe Drew’s story but you have to agree that it does seem improbable. The bartender was much larger and a Marine and some random chick kicked his ass like that? You think maybe he went easy at first thinking he was only “up against a girl” then because she really was strong, it caught him off guard and she took him all the way down before he could regain control of the match? Maybe that’s why he was so angry? Just a thought.


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