The Results of the 2014 Costume Contest

Friday, October 31, 2014
By Louis Magnifico

2014 Traveling Twosome Costume Contest


The results of our 2014 Traveling Twosome Costume Contest are in!  The polls were open for one week and after 1,878 votes, our fans elected the Female Boxer as this year’s costume winner.  Throughout the contest, the Blue Corset Costume was in first place until the final day of voting when the Female Boxer pulled ahead and won by only 7 votes!  Not far behind was the Cowgirl Costume.

The winner of our costume contest determines which costume Char will wear for our annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game and annual Battle of the Sexes Chess Match.  Our fake commercial parodies and funny videos during those two Battle of the Sexes productions will feature Char as the Female Boxer – look for those videos to be released in February and March, 2015!

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8 Responses to “The Results of the 2014 Costume Contest”

  1. Blair

    All good costumes! With the boxing costume winning, does this mean Louis has to box you now? 😉

  2. Bryson

    That’s the one I voted for!

  3. M.B.

    Well I was hoping the blue corset costume would win, that one is beautiful on you, Char! But all three were great costumes and I do think the boxing costume is going to make really fun paper football and chess games! I can’t wait to see what you do with it this year!

  4. Patrick Holt

    Congratulations on winning, Char. Condolences on losing, Char and Char. ROFLOL

  5. Gunnar

    You should play your paper football & chess games in a boxing ring now.

  6. C.S.

    I wonder if the boxing costume would still have won if we all didn’t want to wrestle you so bad? 😉
    Since the boxer won, I think your paper football game needs a referee to make it look official. I volunteer my services.

  7. Seth

    You’ll have to take the gloves off when playing paper football!

  8. David

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a wrestling match between these 3 Chars! 😉


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