4-29-2014 Radio Show

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience


On tonight’s radio show, we talk about our Battle of the Sexes competitions, our upcoming eBook, Vintage, and more!  We also read recent fan comments!  Check it out!

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19 Responses to “4-29-2014 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    I have been wanting to see your band perform for a long time. Char, an arm wrestling match with you would be the icing on the cake! Best vacation ever! I will start saving in hopes to make it the the south one day! Are you ready to beat another man at arm wrestling? 🙂

  2. Bryson

    Those pictures on your phone need to go on the site as Pics of the Week so we can all see! And Char, even if Louis pulls for Evel Knievel, I’ll be on your team when you guys arm wrestle. Louis, you’d really take Evel Knievel over Wonder Woman? Really?

  3. Christopher Rodgers

    Is the arm wrestling offer open to anyone who travels to see you or just people from Canada? I wouldn’t have as far to travel! Do I get a shot if I come out there?

  4. M.B.

    It’s nice to know you don’t take my compliments the wrong way. Some women would be offended that someone would dare to mention to them that they are attractive. I don’t understand that, either. When you look as good as you do in your wrestling and costume photos, you should know it! 🙂 And it really would be a distraction during a match, but one I certainly would not be complaining about! I’d love to see that match between you as Wonder Woman and Evel Knievel! A 1970s Battle of the Sexes! LOL I know Wonder Woman will win this one!

  5. David

    I don’t know how it is to actually wrestle you (but I’d like to find out) but it is totally distracting just watching the clips of you wrestling as a Wonder Woman in that video about your eBook. Just sayin’

  6. C.S.

    If Blair gets to arm wrestle you then I do too. Deal? And it’ll be in the Dark Char costume.

  7. Jeff

    Well Char, you have Blair asking to arm wrestle you and me asking to wrestle you. You’re in high demand!

  8. Patrick Holt

    Char, how should a guy ask a girl to wrestle him if the girl hadn’t brought it up first the way you do? I want to see if she can beat me but don’t know how to ask her to give it a go. ADVICE?

  9. Christopher Rodgers

    That’s a fair question, Patrick but a better question is where do you go to find a woman who looks sexy but also you know she could hold her own if she did agree to wrestle you. Don’t say the gym cause they ain’t there! Any WWE diva wannabes willing to wrestle me? Hit me up!

  10. Patrick Holt

    Christopher, that’s not my problem. Every woman I’ve ever been with has been larger than me and could prob beat me in wrestling. But I don’t know if they’d be willing to go for it. Char, who initiated the wrestling between you and Louis?

  11. Patrick Holt

    And I’m also waiting to hear from any WWE Divas who are wanting to get some practice time in with me! 😀

  12. Blair, We would LOVE to meet you in person at a gig! We play out all of the time so you have plenty of dates to choose from! *wink* Save away, baby! Save away! *grin* And, my dear cheerleading friend, I am ALWAYS ready to whoop catookas! HAHAHA

  13. David, You are a funny guy! Who me? Moi? I’M distracting? I don’t know why I could be so distracting!? LOLOL I’m not sure I understand your meaning. *wink* Louis would tell you that actually wrestling me is quite intense! I agree! ROFLOL I am WAY more competitive than I ever realized! *grin*

  14. C.S. ROFLOL!! You and that Dark Char costume! LOLOLOL Wow. What have I gotten myself into?? ROFLOL! Y’all are too much…. but I love it. Makes my life even more fun to have such cheerleaders! *wink*

  15. Jeff, I know, right!?!? Innocent and shy little ol’ me in high demand?…. how funny! *wink* I love my cheerleaders! *smile*

  16. Patrick, It would all depend on your relationship! Is it a friend? Is it a friend that you have interest in? Is it a girlfriend? Is it your spouse? Are you genuinely playful on a regular or semi-regular basis with her? Does she know your interests, passions and turn-ons? For me it would be easy because I have a very competitive and playful nature… sadly, not everyone does. Silly, sassy, and playful suggestions are a fun way to try!! *wink* I’m writing about this subject for another project because another awesome fan has asked me similar questions and really desiring his/her spouses playful attention. *smile*

  17. Christopher, You cracker me up! Come on WWE Diva wannabe wrestlers! Answer my cheerleaders plea! LOL So the gym isn’t a good place, eh? Why do you think that is, Christopher? I am considering joining a gym again but I am hesitant for several reasons. One is I like to focus on my workout and not “how I look working out”. Some ladies do their hair and make-up BEFORE they go and work out. I may feel some peer pressure there! *wink* LOL

  18. Patrick, I believe *I* initiated it by teasing and taunting Louis. *wink* He thought wrestling was all fake and I knew better! So I had to prove how right I was! And I did. And he lost. To a girl. A chick. A woman. His wife. ME!! ROFLOL!

  19. Come on, WWE Divas! Patrick is hankering for a match!! LOL Patrick, I’ll shout out for you on the radio show! LOLOL


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