4-8-2014 Radio Show

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
By Louis Magnifico

Battle of the Sexes


On tonight’s radio show, we read our recent fan comments from last week’s radio show and discuss the topic that our fans have been bantering about:  Battle of the Sexes!  Join in on the debate – listen to the show and comment below!  Enjoy!

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37 Responses to “4-8-2014 Radio Show”

  1. Blair

    I really enjoyed this show and hearing your responses to Warren. Char, I loved that you said Louis had a “healthy embarrassment” when he lost the match to you. LOL that’s awesome. Never heard of a “healthy embarrassment” before but it sounds good to me. 🙂

  2. Bryson

    Louis you nailed it, Warren’s views are sexist. I love this show topic! Thank you!

  3. Jeff

    Warren, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can google it and see that four girls have won state championships. Michaela Hutchison, Hope Steffensen, Rachel Hale, and Danielle Coughlin. The girl in Iowa won a state match but it was a forfeit victory because her male opponent refused to wrestle her.
    That match was not for the state title. Someone asked about how I felt the second time I had to wrestle the girl who beat me. Char, you’re incorrect, I was a little more intimidated the second time because I had faced her already and knew I probably wouldn’t win. She came into the second match with more confidence and I had less. She got me the second time in under a minute. It wasn’t about her being a girl, I was more intimidated because she was better. I think there is some embarrassment whenever you lose a match and there is more embarrassment if the loss is to a girl but it’s not the kind of embarrassment that should make you get mad or cry. And honestly when you’re on the mat, you aren’t thinking about girl or boy, you’re just trying to win the match. It’s not until the match is over that any embarrassment sits in.

  4. Jeff

    I really enjoyed the show and the rest of your website. I’ve bookmarked you!

  5. M.B.

    Funny how no one else shares your opinion, Warren. Many of us are even turned on by stronger women and women who are willing to compete against men. I wouldn’t be crying if I was losing a match to a girl, I’d be trying to hide my excitement. LOL

  6. Warren

    Glad I could give you material for a whole show. We’ll have to just disagree on the subject because I do think women are generally not as strong as men and a guy should be embarrassed and angry with himself for being beaten by a girl.

  7. Warren – yes, we will indeed have to disagree. But with your reply, you didn’t answer Char’s question. What about you being beaten by a much smaller guy or inexperienced male wrestler. Why would that not embarrass you but being beaten by an experienced girl wrestler would? In addition, I have a question for you now… you said in your comment that “women are generally not as strong as men and a guy should be embarrassed and angry with himself for being beaten by a girl.” But in the past, you’ve said you would be mortified to lose to a girl at chess, too. So it’s not just physical games where strength is a factor. Why is that? Are you saying that men are smarter than women just because we’re men? Just an observation…

  8. C.S.

    Warren, do you really think it is justified then that guys throw fits and cry when they lose to a girl? You’ve got some problems to work through. Keep providing show material, you’re entertaining. LOL

  9. Welcome to our website, Jeff! We are happy to have you aboard!

  10. Let me state that I really love a man who can dish it out as well as take it. I’m glad that my husband loves to play with me. I’m saddened when I realize how few couples really do get to enjoy the playfulness, silly bantering back and forth competitive fun that Louis and I thoroughly enjoy together. I’ve already experienced a miserable marriage with someone who was far from fun and who belittled me in every way. He treated me as a subservient and I will NEVER allow ANYONE to treat me inferior again. God BLESSED my faithfulness with an amazing new husband who loves me, plays with me, flirts with me, cares for me and always supports and encourages me in everything I do. THAT, my friends, is the way to love your mate! And the rewards for doing so are far greater than you can imagine! *wink* I will happily agree to disagree.

  11. Christopher Rodgers

    Char, when are you going to challenge Warren to a match so you can show him what Girl Power is. He needs for you to kick his butt!

  12. Warren

    So I am more a man if a girl can beat me, is that what you all are saying? Sounds backwards.

  13. Patrick Holt

    No, Warren, you are more a man if you can take losing a match like a man. Even if it means you lost to a girl.

  14. David

    Warren, what is so bad about losing to a girl or even being embarrassed by losing to a girl? Why are you so afraid of that happening? I don’t think you answered the questions you were asked either. Char, you can beat me in a match anytime you want!

  15. Bryson

    What about a coin toss? Heads or tails? If a woman beat you calling heads or tails, would you be angry?

  16. Warren

    I wanted to point out that I do not see why my views have to be sexist. It is not an insult to a woman just because they aren’t as capable as men. I’m sure there are some exceptions out there, but the average guy should be able to win over a woman even if she is considerably bigger than he is. Men’s muscles are stronger. And I am not talking about bodybuilders. I am not big, I am about 145 pounds. But I cannot see a woman able to take me down just because she might be larger. That’s not an insult to women, that’s just how things are.

  17. Blair

    Warren, I pictured you much much larger. 145 pounds? You wouldn’t last a minute with Char or any woman who knows how to wrestle. You talk a big talk for a little man. Haha!

  18. C.S.

    Who else wants to see a female UFC fighter half Warren’s size kick his ass in a match? 🙂

  19. Jeff

    Warren reminds me of a funny and true story about a guy who was wrestling this girl and she was winning the match by points 12-2. She was either going to pin him or win by technical fall. To avoid that he faked an ankle injury during the match and forfeited the match so that anyone looking at the meet results or his wrestling stats would see the forfeit and think he just didn’t go out against her at all. But there were so many people filming the match with their phones that the video made their Facebook pages. Some of the videos caught him running around just fine in the halls after the meet. He was called out on this and he actually quit the team over it. He would have done better to just accept the loss and move on.

  20. Jeff

    CS, I would go up against anyone wrestling but you couldn’t pay me to take part in one of those MMA fights. Getting hurt that bad is not worth it. Warren, go check out some videos of women who do Mixed Martial Arts fights and you’ll change your opinion fast.

  21. Jeff

    Char too bad you are in Tennessee, I’d love to see how well you’d do against me. I have way more experience but you’ve got size on me. Would be fun!

  22. Christopher Rodgers

    Yes I’d like to see that match too. Make it happen, Jeff and Char!

  23. Bryson

    Jeff, how much bigger is Char than you? Think she’d win? Char what do you think?

  24. Would I win against Jeff? No clue! But I would certainly give it my very best! Would I cry if I lost? Not a chance! LOL Would I boast if I won? You know it! Why not! It’s all in fun, right? *wink*

  25. Blair, you made me snort laugh! LOL

  26. Bry!!! OMGoodness!! You say some of the funniest things!

  27. David, LOL So you could handle a chick kicking your tail, eh? LOL BTW, You are right. I don’t think all of our questions were answered by Warren.

  28. Christopher…. ROFLOL You are too much, my friend! LOL

  29. Warren, So are you stating that a man who gets beat by a woman is not a man? I beg to differ. My husband is a confidant amazing man who can handle having his strong confidant wife whoop his tail in competitions. He loves playing with me and I love playing with him. Competitions are just that for us, play. Do we do our very best? Always. But it’s all in fun and games. I love that about him and he loves that about me. It makes for an INCREDIBLE marriage! *wink* If you are married… or planning to get married try it! You might really like it!

  30. M.B. !!! OMGoodness…. I have no words only laughter! You are so bad!! LOLOL

  31. David

    Could I handle it? You have to ask that? I’d love it!!! Especially from you! Tell me when!

  32. Blair

    Is the video of the Dark Char paper football rematch coming this weekend?

  33. Jeff

    Char there is only one way to find out for sure! I wrestled in the 152 pound weight class which is a middle-weight. As I mentioned before, girls technically outperform guys in lower weight classes and use flexibility and technique to their advantage. I can tell you have a significant height advantage on me and I’m guessing you have 15 pounds on me as well. So just comparing stats, I think you’d have the upper hand. It would come down to my experience versus your strength. Would be a close match for sure.

  34. David, You are so silly! *smile*

  35. Blair… you know my stance on giving specific time frames lately! LOL The time is near, my dear! 🙂

  36. Jeff, just a touch more weight…. muscle is heavy, ya know! *wink*

  37. M.B.

    I’m also waiting for the paper football video!!! Soon??? Char and Louis, I think Warren is scamming you. Don’t believe him. I think he’s egging you on so Char will go challenge him to a wrestling match to prove him wrong which is exactly what he really wants. Am I right, Warren?


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