4-2-2014 Radio Show

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Experience


On tonight’s radio show, we read recent fan comments, talk about our last video release and our upcoming ones, chat about Vintage, and more! ย Check it out!


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34 Responses to “4-2-2014 Radio Show”

  1. Bryson

    Why didn’t I know about you when you lived in Boston! We could have had a match!

  2. Christopher Rodgers

    Most schools that allow girls on the wrestling team have rules in place where girls from opposing teams wrestle each other during their meets. If there is an uneven number of girls between the two schools, then the remaining girl is lined up against the weakest link male on the other team and the male opponent is forced to forfeit the match so the girl gets the win. I’ve seen this rule cause a school to lose a wrestling meet since the guy was forced to forfeit. There are some districts that allow girls and boys to compete against each other and I’ve also seen boys cry after a loss to a girl!

  3. C.S.


  4. Blair

    Char you never really acknowledged your promise from the last show. A blowout in the paper football rematch or it counts as a fail.

  5. M.B.

    Char, you would really put a wrestling ring in your house? You are so awesome! Lucky, lucky Louis!!!

  6. Blair! Aye Aye Aye! LOL OK, then! I will agree! *rolls eyes and giggles*

  7. Yes, M.B. I really would! If I had a bigger house I would have some truly fun rooms!! *grin*

  8. Thanks, C.S.! *smile*

  9. As a teenager I would have LOVED seeing a boy cry after losing to me! LOL

  10. Bry, LOL Now that would have been fun! *smile*

  11. Blair

    Ok, now that you agreed, go kick some butt! ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to the video!

  12. Bryson

    Fun? Char, that would have been great! I can’t believe I missed out on that!

    Christopher, I don’t think that rule is fair for wrestling teams. Why would they allow girls on the team but not let them compete? To make the guys take a loss isn’t fair and it also tells the girls they weren’t good enough to go against the boy. Good for the schools that allow mixed matches! I’d like to see the win/loss record of the girls who compete with boys. I don’t understand why a wrestler would cry if he lost a match to a girl. What’s that about? Have you really seen that happen? That would just make it worse for the boy I think! Char, if you beat me I certainly would not cry! LOL

  13. Warren

    Why would you have loved to see a boy cry after losing to you Char? Don’t you know how embarrassed he would be? If it’s not bad enough that he’d lost, now you’d be laughing about it! That’s harsh! I’ll give you this, if the kid is able to be beaten by a girl, he probably shouldn’t have joined the wrestling team. But don’t make his embarrassment that much worse!

  14. Blair….. I need all of my cheerleaders!! *smile*

  15. Bry, I agree. I know I wouldn’t like that rule! What’s the purpose if I am going to automatically win without a true competition? I would rather not be a part. Competition is healthy for everyone. We should all be able to win AND lose without it causing us to break down emotionally. If we are that sensitive than I do not understand why we would take part in the first place.

    The only way I can understand tears from anyone is if someone actually gets hurts to which I become an immediate care giver because of my warm hearted nature for people or if someone has had struggles (challenged physically and/or mentally, poor health, hard life, poor self esteem, etc) and they succeed (or do better than they expected) which makes them fall to a puddle of tears because they feel accomplished. I have seen the latter and it’s one of the most heart warming, beautiful things to witness. In this case I would be by their side hugging them and crying with them and raising their arms in VICTORY…whether they won or lost. An accomplishment/great try should be praised!

    If I beat you I bet we would both be high fiving each other and laughing hysterically! Then we’d all go out for a drink and chill on a nice patio under the sunshine. See? I’m pretty laid back that way. *grin*

  16. Warren,

    I have a response but I know my cheerleaders would like a chance at replying to you first. *smile*

  17. Bryson

    Is this guy back??? Warren, if the guy can’t take losing to the girl, he should never have agreed to have the match! If he agrees to the match, he knows that ONE of them is going to win and ONE is going to lose, and it can be EITHER one winning and losing! If he cries because the match didn’t go his way, he really is a loser! Char, come back to Boston and challenge me to a match! I’ll show Warren there’s nothing to cry about after you win! LOL

  18. Blair

    I’d love to see Char kick the **** out of you, Warren! And you know she could! Haha!

  19. M.B.

    Warren isn’t even worth your response, Char. He’s just jealous he doesn’t have a wife who will wrestle him! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Christopher Rodgers

    I don’t think the rule is fair, either, but most schools follow it. In cases where girls are allowed to wrestle the boys, they win about 30-40 percent of their matches.

    Warren, why are you on this site if you can’t take women winning in physical contests?

  21. Patrick Holt

    I wouldn’t be crying if Char pinned me, Warren. I’d be smiling ear to ear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Jeff

    There are five states that have girls-only wrestling championships. Texas, California, Hawaii, and I think Washington and Tennessee. For the rest of the US, girls have to compete with the guys in their weight class. So far four girls have become state champions beating the guys to get there. In some schools, especially private schools, they make the guy forfeit if he has a match against a girl. Even when they don’t have to, guys will sometimes forfeit just because they refuse to wrestle a girl. I’ve always thought this was unfair. Most of the time they forfeit because they won’t wrestle a girl but its more true that they are scared of losing to the girl. I’ve seen a guy beat two different girls but then in the quarter finals forfeit a match saying he didn’t want to wrestle a girl. That girl had 12 pins against guys in the season and would have probably beaten him and he knew it. Girls entering wrestling is much more common now than it was a few years ago and the boys are taking it a little better when they lose. They still sometimes throw their headgear and stomp off but not as much. Used to be they would cry. I don’t really see that anymore. The parents handle it worse than the wrestlers. Moms are the worst. When a girl beats some mom’s son you can count on excuses, complaining, arguing with the ref and demanding that the school shouldn’t allow girls on the team. They can get irate, give dirty looks to the girl wrestlers and all that. The biggest lie about wrestling is that the stronger person wins the match. At least in lower weight classes, it’s got way more to do with skill and technique. The girls are often much more skilled and more flexible and can use that to beat stronger male opponents. Take a woman who outweighs a guy by 15 to 20 pounds and and if she is skilled, the guy doesn’t have a chance. That’s just the way it is. I wrestled and did face a few girl opponents. I won all but two of those matches but none of them were easy. The two I lost were to the same girl. She was faster and I never could get any hold on her. I wasn’t embarrassed to lose those two matches at all, she was the better wrestler. And my teammates didn’t give me a hard time about it cause none of them wanted to go up against her either.

  23. Jeff, THANK YOU!!! I agree with everything you stated! Thank you for having a great attitude about the sport you chose to participate in even when the same girl beat you twice! That is a sign of a real man who is secure in his own manhood! BRAVO!!

  24. Bry! ROFLOL You are crackerin’ me up!!!

  25. Blair…. YEOUCH! *wink*

  26. M.B. You always make me smile! I’ll reply simply because I’m a girl of my word… *wink*

  27. Christopher, Warren doesn’t like any competitions between men and women. He said he would not be comfortable with him losing to a girl at Chess or paper football, remember? I’m still scratching my head over that, as well. *smh* The wrestling rule is totally unfair to both the guys and the gals! Agree!

  28. Patrick, ROFLOL!! Now THAT is the way a man who is comfortable with his own manhood should respond! Oh yeah!!! *wink-grin*

  29. Jeff – Thank you for your informative response to this conversation. It is obvious that we’ve touched on a subject that many of you are passionate about. So girls have won state championships in mixed gender competitions four times? I have to wonder how many girls had a good enough record to have advanced to state finals without going all the way and winning the championship? I guess this unravels Warren’s arguments that women “can not” win, doesn’t it?

    I agree that the forced forfeit rule is unfair to both the males and the females. Your account of the guy who wrestled against girls that he knew he’d beat but chose to forfeit against the one he knew he’d lose to is just pathetic. You said that guys don’t cry when they lose to a girl that much anymore (which presupposes that they used to more often) but they still throw their gear around and stomp off pouting. This is equally pathetic and I have to say that if I ever saw someone doing that I’d be embarrassed to say I even knew him. The fact that the parents take it harder than the boys who lose just shows where the boys learn this behavior from! Sad!

  30. C.S.

    I think Warren has to be talking about something different. Surely he would admit that a girl wrestler is just as capable as a guy wrestler who is the same size and that a girl wrestler would easily beat a guy the same size who doesn’t wrestle or a guy who is much smaller. I think Warren is thinking about larger athletic guys not losing to small non-athletic women. I can’t understand why he would be so upset over losing to a smaller woman but I think that’s what he’s talking about being embarrassed over.

  31. Bryson

    Jeff, what were your thoughts going into the second match with the girl that beat you the first time? Were you more intimidated the second time since you’d already lost once or were you more prepared going into that match?

  32. Jeff

    Louis and Char: kudos to you both for opening this forum to talk about this topic. After leaving my last comment, I found the earlier comments from Warren about his view of girls and wrestling. I have one question for him. Would you be just as embarrassed if a male who was much smaller and less muscular than you beat you at wrestling or is your problem just with girls?

  33. Excellent question, Jeff!! Warren, I am also curious to read your thoughts. Would you be just as embarrassed if a male who was much smaller and less muscular than you beat you at wrestling or is your problem just with girls?

  34. Warren

    Why is everyone jumping my case for having an opinion? All I asked is why Char would enjoy watching a guy cry after losing to her. If he’s crying he’s already embarrassed enough and doesn’t need to be laughed at by the person who beat him. Jeff, I can’t believe that four girls were state champion wrestlers in a boys league. Just doesn’t sound believable to me. No, I would not be upset over a loss to a smaller guy. Why would I?


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