How I Killed Jerry Garcia – Video Promo

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How I Killed Jerry Garcia


In 1995 Jerry Garcia, the legendary Grateful Dead guitarist, passed away in his room at the Serenity Knolls Treatment Center.  But something happened earlier that year in Memphis, TN that some believe was the actual cause of his death.  I know… because I was involved.

Many of you have already downloaded our recent eBook, How I Killed Jerry Garcia.  For those who haven’t, we produced a video to promote this release and spread the word about this candid true story.  So… what’s this book about?  Why am I coming clean now?  And is it really a true story?

Yes.  It is the complete, true, untold story.  The few people who knew the details told me I should write the account so that the world could decide.  As for what it’s about, watch the video to see for yourself!

This true tell-all confession is set amidst the backdrop of the mid 1990s music scene and will take you back in time with its descriptive narratives.  In those days, I worked in a music store and have the insight of the industry from a behind-the-scenes perspective which I wrote into the story.

Check out our video and download the ebook!  It’s available on both Amazon (for Kindle and the Kindle App) and iBooks (for iPad and Mac)!


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  • March 28, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Char, did you know about this part of Louis’ past before you married him? 🙂

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