9-18-2013 Radio Show

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
By Louis Magnifico

Char Magnifico


On tonight’s radio show, we talk about Vintage and our upcoming Halloween Party / Costume Contest gig at Tony’s Trophy Room.  We also chat about Char’s latest and next costume, read fan mail and comments, and much more!

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6 Responses to “9-18-2013 Radio Show”

  1. Bryson

    When is your next costumed video coming out?

  2. C.S.

    I agree with you both on how women who play the airhead card is not attractive.

  3. M.B.

    I’m glad you like the Cat Woman idea! I don’t know what a flapper costume looks like so I can’t say about that but I think you’d look great in any costume you choose. 🙂

  4. I knew I liked you, C.S.!! *grin*

  5. I’ll find a flapper costume and show you all, M.B.! *wink*

  6. Bry, Shhhhhhhhh That’s a secret… *wink*


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