August 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is a little behind the scenes kiss caught on camera during the filming of one of our videos in which Char starred as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Kiss

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5 Responses to “August 25, 2013”

  1. Christopher Rodgers

    That’s every guys fantasy right there. Lucky Louis!

  2. C.S.

    Go get a room. 🙂

  3. Patrick Holt

    I didn’t know you were a superheroine Louis! ROFLOL! Char you are sexy!!!

  4. Bryson

    Ditto on Christopher’s reply! 🙂

  5. M.B.

    I love all the costumes Char! Louis, what’s it like to kiss Wonder Woman?


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