Wonder Woman vs. The Charminatrix

Monday, August 26, 2013
By Louis Magnifico

Ever since we posted the picture we titled “Char²” which featured Char (in her Wonder Woman costume) facing off against Char (in her Charminatrix costume), we’ve had requests to pit the two Char’s against each other in a competition video.  Always eager to satisfy the desires of our fans, we’ve done just that!  Here, presented for your viewing pleasure, is Char vs. Char in an arm wrestling competition.  Char (as Wonder Woman) goes up against Char (as The Charminatrix) in a video you won’t forget!

Wonder Woman vs. The Charminatrix

Wonder Woman and The Charminatrix prepare to battle.

Char Magnifico in costume


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12 Responses to “Wonder Woman vs. The Charminatrix”

  1. Blair

    Awesome Char! You keep getting better and better! Can you superimpose me in there arm wrestling you? 🙂

  2. Bryson

    Both costumes are sooooo hot! So hard to choose which I like better! Another superb video, guys! The outtakes were hilarious. Sexy growl, Char! ROFLOL

  3. C.S.

    The Charminatrix rocks! I can’t wait to see what you do with the custom vid order! It has to be so much fun for you making these vids. I loved seeing the behind the scenes clips! Love you, Char!

  4. Christopher Rodgers

    Wonder Woman fell for the oldest trick in the book. There has to be a rematch now!

  5. Christopher Rodgers

    Hey, I want a copy of CS’s custom video.

  6. Bailey Roberts

    You should do a whole series of these WW and Charminatrix videos! I love your costumes! When will the new costume pic be up?

  7. Terrance

    All woman should wear costumes like char.

  8. M.B.

    I loved this! Can we go for three Chars next time? 😉

  9. Patrick Holt

    You make the best WW ever, Char! Even if WW did lose, her costume is still the best! I challenge you next! I dare you! 😀

  10. Johnson

    Awesome video! The babe is hot! Wish Wonder Woman would have won tho.

  11. Johnson – in a way, she did. Charminatrix did have to cheat to win!

  12. Willy

    Hello Char. Wow, I recently heard your cover of “Radioactive” and my oh my… What a sexy voice you have(; I’d really like to hear and see you do a cover of “Blurred Lines”! Now THAT would be HOT! It’s my favorite song, so who better to sing it then the beautiful, stunning, charming Char?! Please, big fan(:


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