You Got Beat By a Girl – A Dating Game Parody

Friday, July 19, 2013
By Louis Magnifico
You Got Beat By A Girl

Char stars as The Charminatrix in You Got Beat by a Girl, our latest parody video.

Many of you have requested that we release a video of Char and I arm wrestling in which Char wears her Charminatrix costume.  We love producing videos to meet our fan requests (and we frequently are asked to do custom videos) but we have to admit… we were concerned that yet another video of Char and I arm wrestling might start getting a little old.  After all, we’ve had several matches (both on film and at live events) and Char has proven over and over that she wins easily, every time.

With this in mind, we decided to honor your request to produce another arm wrestling video (the first to feature Char as The Charminatrix) but to do so couched within one of our parody videos like those that many of you have come to love.  For this match, the parody is a game show. A Dating Game / Love Connection style game show to be precise.  Rest assured that the arm wrestling match itself is real even though it is contained within the context of the scripted parody video.

We hope this production entertains you more than just an arm wrestling match would have.  Let us know what you think!

And keep those ideas coming our way!


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11 Responses to “You Got Beat By a Girl – A Dating Game Parody”

  1. M.B.

    That costume looks amazing, Char! I loved the video! Somebody needs to make a real game show like this! 🙂 I would love a chance to arm wrestle you!

  2. Bryson

    As promised, it was more than worth the wait! Did you really beat him that easily though? You must have been working out a lot lately! I’m speechless! And you were born to wear that Charminatrix costume IMHO. Great video!

  3. Martin

    Excellent stuff! one of your best videos so far! even though last 5 minutes was repetition,it got over-ruled with power-packed first 10 minutes…waiting for more similar power game videos….!!! gud going!!!

  4. Thanks for the feedback! We will be making more power games like you requested, Martin. So glad you liked the video.

    I have to agree, the Charminatrix costume is indeed incredible!

    Yes, Bryson, she won that easily… I’m still trying to figure out how she does it as well!

  5. C.S.

    YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Great job on the video!

  6. Blair

    I love you Char!!! Wow!!!

  7. Bailey Roberts

    What can I say? Awesome video! The costume, the arm wrestling, the game, it was amazing! I love the game show name, too! LOL

    The black and white wrestling footage blew my mind. Was that from a real match or filmed just for this video? Can you put that in color?

    More vids like this!!!

  8. Kevin

    Can I arm wrestle against you, Charminatrix?

  9. Tim

    Far too easy as usual for Char!! I think as you say it is getting so easy for her to beat Louis. Maybe you should start armwrestling outside, like in the Hotsprings video where you wrestled the guy in the restaurant. Go around visiting places and challenge guys to an armwrestle!!

  10. Christopher Rodgers

    The arm wrestling was great, the costume was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but the wrestling video you used for the game show intro was my favorite part by a long shot. Any chance Charminatrix will get in the ring at sometime? I’d love to see that.

    And if Louis ever needs a break, I’ll gladly stand in for him.

  11. M.B.

    Char I’ve watched this video about 10x and I just love it and I had to comment again. The best part is when you put the mask on, I nearly lose my mind! One of your best videos yet!

    When can we see the sneak peek of the new costume?


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