6-24-2013 Radio Show

Monday, June 24, 2013
By Louis Magnifico



On tonight’s radio show, we talk about our band (Vintage), our fan feedback, Hardy Arkansas and the Ozarks, our custom videos made for our fans, and much more!  Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “6-24-2013 Radio Show”

  1. C.S.

    Good to hear you liked my idea of Charminatrix cheating to beat WW at arm wrestling. That is going to be awesome! WW should be angry that she was outwitted but she should not be a cry baby about losing. Have her accept defeat at the hands of The Charminatrix with dignity. She is WW after all.

  2. Bryson

    Hi Char, how about oil ARM wrestling? 🙂

  3. Bailey Roberts

    It’s been a long time since your last video, really looking forward to another soon.

    And BTW Char you need to stop teasing everyone about a new costume and just bring it out finally! Really, what could take so long to find for it?

  4. Bailey – I am wondering the same thing about this new costume. I think it’s time to see what she’s been preparing!

  5. Bryson – I actually like this idea quite a bit! Perhaps you just came up with one of the zany events for this year’s Traveling Twosome Olympics. I wonder how hard arm wrestling will be with the oil covering our hands and arms… it just might make the competition a little more even!

  6. C.S. – Sounds like a plan! This is going to be a groundbreaking video for us! Thanks for your input!

  7. M.B.

    Char, I have to agree with Bailey, it’s time to reveal your latest character creation. At least a sneak peak!

  8. Bryson

    Are you still planning on getting the Charminatrix arm wrestling video up this week?

  9. Bryson – Look for it to be posted this weekend…

  10. M.B. – Between the three of us, lets keep the pressure on Char until she caves and introduces us to the new character and costume! Sounds like a good plan to me! 🙂


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