4-17-2013 Radio Show

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome at the Drive In


On tonight’s radio show, we talk about some great travel spots around Lexington, KY, some of our recent Pics of the Week, our upcoming chess match, some of our fan comments, and much more!  Enjoy!

[jwplayer file=”http://www.thetravelingtwosome.com/podcasts/podcast04172013.m4a”]

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7 Responses to “4-17-2013 Radio Show”

  1. M.B.

    Char, I didn’t say that I thought I would be able to beat you at arm wrestling but I’d still challenge you to a match anyway! I can take it if I lose, I’m a good sport! 😉 Please have the arm wrestling match as Charminatrix as soon as possible, even if you can’t wear the boots. It’s been a long time since you guys have put out a new video! Too long!

  2. Bryson

    Great show! Char you sounded very confident that you’d win all these competitions as Charminatrix! Don’t let us down! I vote that you wait for your foot to heal before you attempt any of them. The boots would be missed! LOL

  3. Christopher Rodgers

    Nice job guessing my size and appearance from my last comments. You were really close, I’m just a little shorter than you guessed. So bring it on, I’m ready to take you on if you are! 🙂

    I love the boots but I’d like to see the Charminatrix arm wrestling match sooner than later with or without the boots, doesn’t matter.

  4. Bailey Roberts

    You’ve got to have the boots for the Charminatrix costume, Char!

  5. Blair

    Glad to know I was able to give you some show topic. To answer your question, I am a man. Thank you for answering all of my questions on the show! Would love to see more videos soon fom the two of you.

    I’ve seen too many faked videos of women beating men at arm wrestling, it’s really cool to see you actually be able to take men down! You are awesome!

  6. THANK YOU, Blair! I will never give up! I have girl power and I will always represent! *wink* We have more coming up! Trust me, as I always say, it will be worth the wait! You have my word!

  7. C.S.

    I’d rather see Charminatrix in boots of course but if it means having to wait this long for another traveling twosome video, then you should go ahead and film without boots.


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