Fake Commercials and Funny Skits from The Third Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game

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Each year, our annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game is one of the most anticipated productions… and for good reason!  As our fans know, we go all out with our hilarious skits and fake commercial parodies that accompany the big game.  This year, we brought you our best Paper Football Championship Bowl Game yet.  Not only was the game an edge-of-the-seat thriller (Char won the game with a literal LAST SECOND touchdown) but the skits and fake commercials were our best yet!  And to make it even better, Char played the game in her newly unveiled Charminatrix costume.

Our fans loved last year’s match when she played as Wonder Woman, but this year Char was an even bigger hit as The Charminatrix!  It’s a character we’ll be keeping in regular rotation on The Traveling Twosome… so watch for more videos and competitions coming soon on our website and TV Channel featuring The Charminatrix.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are all the skits that you loved so much from this year’s production.  Enjoy!

SuperheroinesChar2  –  We introduced this year’s Paper Football Championship Bowl Game with a little skit we entitled Char2.  As one of our fans said, “the only thing better than one Char is two!”  Actually, there are three “Char”s in this little performance if you count the “regular, uncostumed” Char.  Our favorite part of this skit is where Char magically transforms into Wonder Woman.  Not bad special effects if you ask us! We used a screen capture from this intro skit as our Pic of the Week for February 17, 2013 and it has become one of the most viewed pictures on our website, generating some great (and hilarious) feedback from our fans.  So get ready for some fun with Louis, Char, Char, and Char.

Vegetable HandsVegetable Hands –  A funny thing happened on my way to the eleventh grade.  I landed a job at a Blockbuster Video store.  My manager was a wonderful lady named Donna Kuhn.  I loved working for her and she loved my teeth.  She told me it was why she hired me.  When you’re only 16 and have no work experience, you gotta have something.  I had good teeth, apparently. Well, Donna and I lost contact for almost two decades but reconnected through the marvels of this little thing called the Internet.  Char and Donna became extraordinarily close friends and often times, I’ll find the two of them in our kitchen chatting away.  Usually, Donna provides Char with blackmail on me.  I can never run for public office.  That’s ok, entertainment is a more noble calling anyway.  So one day, while Donna and Char were cutting vegetables in our kitchen, Char’s hands grew beautifully stained by all the colorful veggies and their juices.  Donna made the comment, “Don’t touch me with your Vegetable Hands.”  How could Char and I not make this video after a comment like that?

Sexy Moo MooSexy Moo Moo  –  With the risk of making Char blush and the benefit of scoring some major points, let me say for the record that my wife Char is the hottest woman on planet earth.  Now, I’m a costume and clothing kind of guy.  I love seeing what outfit or what costume Char has for me next.  I always tell her the best birthday gift for me is a sexy outfit for her.  She knows my tastes well and she also knows what I don’t like.  Moo Moos have got to be near the top of that list.  In fact, I think “sexy moo moo” is probably the best example imaginable of an oxymoron.  Our favorite line of this commercial parody:  “OUT with the old, and IN with the MOO.”  That’s the only explanation you get for this bizarre commercial parody – hope you enjoy it!  We certainly had fun making it!

Superheroine for HireSuperheroine for Hire  –  As I wrote in our book, The Traveling Twosome: Live, Love, Laugh, I feel like I married a cross between June Cleaver and Wonder Woman.  Char is truly amazing.  Needless to say, when Forplay, Inc. sent Char their Wonder Woman costume, she was a natural in it…  not just in looks, but also in attitude.  “Wonder Char” became a fan favorite almost immediately.  By the way, even though this is a commercial parody the website being advertised is real.  Go see for yourself… www.SuperheroineForHire.com

Female Police OfficersFemale Police Officers PSA  –  If you were born in the 1970s or before, you surely remember film strips being shown during school.  I’ll always have fond memories of the sound of the 16mm projector running in a darkened classroom with dust particles floating in the projector’s beam of light. Some of my favorite film strips we endured as elementary school children were public service announcements educating us about everything from war to hygiene.  This PSA parody was made to look like a 1950s-1970s filmstrip teaching us about about social concerns.  In this parody, we discuss the benefits of hiring female police officers on the force.  Wait until you see how effective female police officers can be…

Smooth BeerSmooth Beer  –  This commercial for a fake beer was actually based on a dream that a friend of mine had in the early 1990s.  He called me on the phone to tell me about it.  In the dream, he was laying down alone on a beach, enjoying a nearly perfect day.  He said aloud to himself, “This is a perfect day.  The only thing that could make this day better is the taste of a smooth beer.”  Just then, he turned and noticed a can in the sand next to him with just the words “Smooth Beer” on it.  He popped it open and took a swig.  “Now that’s a smooth beer.” He said with satisfaction.  For whatever reason, I’ve never forgotten that dream.  Now, you won’t either.

Wrestling Aerobics with CharWrestling Aerobics with Char – When Char and I filmed our TV Show episode entitled “A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler,” we knew it would be a hit with our fans.  But we had no idea it would become such an internet sensation.  Emails and comments poured in from around the globe from people wanting to see more action from Char and me in the wrestling ring, battling it out against each other.  I’ve often wondered if the show would have been as popular had I won our match rather than Char.  This fake commercial was a natural follow up to our notorious match.

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