Living, Loving, and Laughing on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day - Traveling Twosome Style
Valentine’s Day – Traveling Twosome Style

Isn’t it funny that many people have taken holidays and turned them into reasons to stress?  Seriously, watch how some people stress more over holidays than, say, any typical Tuesday.  It shouldn’t be like this.  Holidays should be times to live, love, and laugh with the ones you love!  As I’m sure you can imagine, Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays:  a day that our culture sets aside for romance!

As you’ve heard us say many times, you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to show love to your spouse.  Treat your lover to a special weekend just because you can!  But when such an occasion does come around, then by all means take advantage of it and go over the top!  Valentine’s Day is just such an occasion!

So what are your plans this Valentine’s Day?  Truthfully, it doesn’t matter whether you go out on the town, take a romantic day-trip, or stay in for a night of passion and romance.  What matters is that you are together, showing your love to each other.

Here are four suggestions, though, to make this Valentine’s Day special…

Flirt.  Build the anticipation for the night’s plans throughout the day.  Send each other suggestive and flirtatious text messages or emails.

Hand Write a Card.  I probably won’t be attracting Hallmark to become an advertiser on our TV Channel by writing this, but this idea is too simple and good to pass up.  Hand write a love note to your spouse.  Tell him / her exactly what you feel, in your own words.

Play with Each Other.  Too many times, couples get into a rut of “dinner and a movie.”   Don’t get me wrong, we love dinner and we love movies!  But tonight, take time to engage each other in play time.

Touch.  This should go without saying… but if you have found that you aren’t holding hands, wrapping your arms around each other, or running your fingers through each other’s hair, then simply move your hands.  It’s like saying “I Love You” with your fingers.  By the way, kissing counts as touching.

There’s one more thing we’d like to recommend.  Our book, The Traveling Twosome: Live, Love, Laugh, hits stores this Valentine’s Day (2013).  Grab a copy.  The book, while telling the story of our first few years as The Traveling Twosome, also gives you the secrets to living, loving, and laughing like never before.  It’s a great book for couples to buy and read to each other.  It’ll be the gift that keeps giving as you experience a lifetime of love.  Here’s the summary on the back of the book:

“Where were you nineteen years ago?”  This was the question that spawned an amazing adventure when two broken people with a similar past resolved to stop simply existing and start really living.  Beginning a new life together, Char and Louis Magnifico stepped out on a remarkable journey that has found them hanging out with Elvis Presley’s bandmates, visiting Al Capone’s favorite get-a-way, and wrestling each other in the ring.  Life has never been dull since these two said “I do” and their journey is just beginning.  They have found that life is spectacular when couples become each other’s best friend.  You’ve watched their life unfold on TV, the radio, and the internet… now read the book.  Filled with tons of full color, artistic photos which recreate their journey, The Traveling Twosome: Live, Love, Laugh will be THE conversation piece in your home or office lobby!

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4 thoughts on “Living, Loving, and Laughing on Valentine’s Day

  • February 14, 2013 at 9:16 am

    I don’t suppose I have to tell you two to have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  • February 14, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • February 27, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Thank you, M.B.! I was actually not feeling well but we enjoyed it anyway!

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