Female Police Officers PSA

Friday, October 26, 2012
By Louis Magnifico

Char as a female police officerThe Traveling Twosome has released our first ever parody of a 1960s / 1970s style Public Service Announcement (PSA) like those we grew up with!

For our first PSA parody, we decided to tackle the subject of gender equality.  Of course, we added the Traveling Twosome twist that you’ve come to expect from Char and this time, her “Girl Power” takes on a whole new meaning!  Char stars as a female police officer in this PSA while Louis tries his hand at shoplifting!

Look for this PSA and other hilarious videos to be a part of our 2012 Traveling Twosome Olympics… coming soon!

Let us know what you think – and tell us if we should make more PSA parodies like this one!  We hope you enjoy it!

As always, stay tuned to this site and our Roku TV Channel for more fun from The Traveling Twosome!

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17 Responses to “Female Police Officers PSA”

  1. Christopher Rodgers

    ROFLOL!!! Very funny video! And Char you are sooooo sexy in the police uniform!

  2. Martin

    Gr888 video…Gud One! Char u luk awesome in almost all costumes!..I expected a physical encounter between theif & the officer rather than surrendering!..I understand d theme of d video doesnt demand that! But still to cheer up ur fans! waiting fo mud-wrestling video!!!!!!!

  3. Bryson

    I wanna be handcuffed! WOW!!!!! Hot costume Char!

  4. Bailey Roberts

    I need a whole TV show with Char as a policewoman! What do you say? A Day in the Life of a Police Officer?

  5. David

    Are those handcuff earrings, Char? You are such a wild one!

  6. Yes they are, David!! LOL Aren’t they awesome? Good eye!!

  7. Sure! Why not! I’m game!! LOL

  8. *blushing* Bryson, you could not handle being publicly humiliated getting handcuffed by a chick! Thanks!

  9. TeeHeeHee I know you are waiting patiently, Martin! *grin*

  10. Christopher, you are making me blush! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our very first PSA. We enjoyed creating it!

  11. Bryson

    Just try me, Char! 🙂

  12. M.B.

    Char, that costume is the hottest outfit I’ve ever seen. Those boots!!!!!!!! You look so sexy as a cop!

  13. Thanks! I happen to love those boots as well!

  14. jackson

    You are tall

  15. jackson

    I want to touch your strong body

  16. Trevor

    OMG! She’s perfect!


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