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The Traveling Twosome launched our very own Roku TV Channel in 2012!  Catch Louis and Char in full 1080p High Definition and on demand!  In addition to what you find on our website, our Roku Channel features TV Shows, productions, and short films that are exclusive to our Roku viewers! Click the banner below to buy a Roku and experience The Traveling Twosome on television!  Are you already a Roku user?  Then here’s the link to add our channel (we can also be found in the Channel Store):

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

What is Roku?  Dismayed by rising cable costs, we ditched the dish, cut the cable, and bought a Roku.  We subscribed to Netflix and Hulu Plus (each optional and each costing $7.99).  We went from paying about $100 a month for TV service to $16 a month.  And we don’t miss anything!  In addition, we get tons of additional channels and TV shows we never had before!  Thousands upon thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, short films, etc.  We were so excited about the Roku that we launched our very own TV Channel on Roku!  Learn more about the Roku at

Ready to buy your own Roku and instantly stream high quality movies and shows on demand? Click here!

Roku Digital Video Player.10,000 + Videos to Watch

The Traveling Twosome




Screenshots from our Roku TV Channel:

Char and Louis in Hot Springs

Louis interviews DJ Fontana

Char (as Wonder Woman) arm wrestles Louis (in the mask)

Char on Sirius XM Elvis Radio

Louis and Char in their band, Vintage

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

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