7-3-2012 Radio Show

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
By Louis Magnifico
Neil's Open Rock Jam Hosted by Vintage and No Control

Neil's Open Rock Jam Hosted by Vintage and No Control

On tonight’s radio show, we talk about King of the Hill, Roku, our new TV Channel, July 4th safety, and more… including the new Open Rock Jam hosted by our band (Vintage) and another Memphis band, No Control.  The jam is an open rock jam held every first and third Thursday of each month and is open to all musicians to come and jam with us!  The jam is held at Neil’s.  If you’re in the Memphis area and either play music or love live music then come join us!

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5 Responses to “7-3-2012 Radio Show”

  1. Bryson

    Tug of War around a mud pit followed by wrestling will be THE BEST competition ever! Awesome idea! I predict Louis will win the Tug of War but Char will smack him down when the wrestling starts!

  2. Stan Gravis

    As powerful as Char is at arm wrestling, there should be no problem with her winning tug of war. It’s all about footing. If she gets better or equal footing, Louis is in the mud. And we all know what will happen then! Easy victory for Char IMHO. Going to be a GREAT video!

  3. Bryson – Wow! Did YOU actually say that you think I’ll win the Tug of War? That’s a surprise coming from you! LOL

    Stan – Did you see our first Tug of War during last year’s Traveling Twosome Olympics? I won that one! I have to admit that I went into the event expecting Char to win it… but that didn’t happen. Based on my past experience with Char, I have no reason to expect that I’ll be the one pulled into the mud pit this time, either. But I agree – this is indeed going to be a GREAT video. We’ll be producing the 2012 Olympics as a Special on our new TV Channel and we’ll go all out on the production.

  4. Martin

    Louis,u said exactly what I meant! I TOTALLY AGREE 4 keeping ur videos shorter. For example, this paper football video was nicely trimmed & was in perfect length compared to ur old football matches.Similarly, 4 ur ‘non-power games’, shorter videos r fine.Now,4 d power games,2 adjust d duration- maybe in d ring or in d spot, u can sledge/challenge/verbally taunt each other in between 🙂 And this tug-of-war followed by wrestling is gonna be mind blowing!!!…When r u going to shoot this video? can’t wait 2 see that! 🙂

  5. Martin – the Tug of War / Wrestling will be one of the events in this year’s Traveling Twosome Olympics which will be showcased in October. This year, it’s going to be a huge event with a great production – we can’t wait for everyone to see it! Stay tuned!


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