Paper Football Rematch – Featuring Wonder Woman!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
By Louis Magnifico
Wonder Woman faces The Masked Man in this rematch of the Second Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game

Wonder Woman faces The Masked Man in this rematch of the Second Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game

When we published the video of our Second Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game, we knew it was going to be a hit!  Char played in costume as Wonder Woman while I played in a rather ridiculous outfit I called “Star Man.”  The game was intense (as is usual for us) and the production was filled with many fake commercials and hilarious skits that played off of Char’s incredible Wonder Woman costume!

As for the game itself, Char won by eleven points… until we reviewed the footage and there appeared to be several possible touchdowns that I scored which were not counted!  You all know that I had NEVER lost at paper football in my life until Char… was THIS how she was able to do what no one else had done?  Was she cheating her way to victory?  I challenged her to a rematch which she accepted.  And realizing that my first costume was indeed ridiculous I came up with a stylish new outfit featuring a wild wrestling mask!  Don’t forget, you can order a costume like Char’s from Forplay Catalog and you can order a mask like mine from Mask Maniac!

Char Magnifico as Wonder Woman

Char Magnifico as Wonder Woman

Once again, we have produced for you an amazing video!  More fake commercials, more intense action, and more fun that you’ve come to expect from us.  And we even gave in to the request of many of our fans:  during the halftime show, Char (as Wonder Woman) and I (as the Masked Man) held an arm wrestling match!

So who won this game?  Watch the video and find out for yourself… I will say this:  it’s the best game we’ve ever played, and it contains the most shocking ending ever!

Our fans have waited patiently for a long time for us to finish producing this video!  I’m sure that once you see it you’ll know it will have been well worth the wait!  As always, we’d love to see your feedback in the comments section below!  Tell us what you think!

Here on this website you are free to view the production in its entirety in a medium resolution format.  The full resolution video airs on our TV Channel on Roku!  Check it out!


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40 Responses to “Paper Football Rematch – Featuring Wonder Woman!”

  1. Bryson

    Finally! I can’t wait to watch this tonight!

  2. Bryson

    Amazing finish! I thought Louis had you beat this time! I LOVED the video. Char you are one determined chick! And that costume looks better every time I see it! The Wife Remote commercial was funny, not as epic as a Wrestling Aerobics with Char, but very good. Thank you for another GREAT video! Love you guys!

  3. Stan Gravis

    You were right, the video was worth the wait! Congrats on the victory, Char. You sure you aren’t REALLY a superhero? LOL The arm wrestling match was too easy for you. Either Louis gave up or that costume is getting to your head. He didn’t stand a chance! You should invite your fans to try arm wrestling you! I’d love to feel just how strong those arms are! So what’s next? Please keep more videos coming!!!!

  4. Bailey Roberts

    Char I love your attitude after you win these games. Lucky Louis!

  5. Bailey Roberts

    BTW, I was the one who predicted you might lose!

  6. Andrew

    Louis, where did you find Char and can you take me there? I need one of those! 🙂

  7. Andrew – yes, having my own personal superheroine makes life quite enjoyable!

  8. Jake

    Definitely worth the wait! Char ROCKS!!! Please more WW videos!

  9. Randy

    FUNNY! Loved the “Wife Remote”

  10. SEAN


  11. Martin

    As u’ve promised, it’s worth the wait! ! enjoyed each and every moment! A 2nd thought, have u both been getting a bit lazy wen it comes 2 arm wrestling and power games?? From last year’s last event (wrestling) on, those videos have been short… THEY’RE REALLY ENTERTAINING!!! MORE VIDEOS LIKE THAT PLSS!!!

  12. Steven Smith

    This is the hottest chick I’ve ever seen! WOW!!!!!!!!! I’m in LOVE

  13. George

    Char, would you consider challenging Louis to a one on one basketball game?

  14. Hampton

    Incredible comeback, Char! Way to go!

  15. Eric Lovelace

    So you put on masks and Wonder Woman costumes for your website what do you do when the cameras are not running? It makes me weak in my knees to think about it! This guy has got to be the luckiest guy in the world.

  16. See Bry, I don’t lie! I told you it would be worth the wait! LOL

  17. Stan, I did arm wrestle Taco Mama and Taco Daddy in “A Day in the Life of Hot Springs”! Go check it out! They were turning colors trying so hard to beat me! She called me the funniest name I have ever been called! I laugh every time I think about it!! I guess the costume has just gotten to my head! *wink*. As far as what is coming up next…… A LOT! Trust me, you want to stay tuned!!

  18. Bailey….. I can’t help but to torment him afterwards!!! We have so much fun!

  19. Bailey!!! YOU? Oh now, now, now……. I must get my revenge some how! LOL You mean you actually thought I would LOSE? What happened to my cheer leader? Did someone bonk you on the head or something? LOL

  20. Andrew, there are women like me out there. Just be a fun loving gentleman and one day you will find your chick.

  21. Louis…. Mmmmmmmm, I must agree, sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!

  22. In time, Jake. In time. There will be much more coming up in the near future. Some surprises too!

  23. Randy, I got a text from your better half telling me that you were heard laughing hysterically… And you were found watching our video!! Too funny! See you soon, buddy! We love you!

  24. Sean, *blush* More costumes in the future are in the plans. However, I have so many fans of my Wonder Woman costume that I think I’m really going to have to step it up a notch! This should be fun! LOL

  25. Martin, Ok, so you like the longer ones? Louis and I have gone back and forth. We don’t want to bore our fans with too lengthy of videos but we don’t want to disappoint y’all either! I think a poll is in order! Let’s see what all you fans say! Not lazy just wanting to keep everyone’s interest going and providing entertainment at its best! Keep in mind……. I will always win!! I am a determined chick who represents GIRL POWER! As you wish….. More videos to come in the near future. *smile*

  26. George, We have considered it and it may be something we do in the future. 🙂

  27. Thanks, Hampton! I think Louis is realizing that I start off slow and laid back…warming up for the big smack down towards the end! He gets a false sense of security each time only to find himself having to admit defeat publicly! It’s awesome!!

  28. Eric L, *blush* I am not able to discuss our personal life publicly….. That, my friend, is for our pleasure only! LOL

  29. Bryson

    Yes you did, Char! Can’t wait to see your next videos and what costumes you bring out next. Wonder Woman will always be my favorite. 😉

  30. Bryson, I have a few decided on already! LOL

  31. Char – Care to share any of these “that you’ve decided on already” with me? I’d love to know what you’ve got in store for us! Besides, I’ve got to plan what my character will be going against you. Or is the Masked Man my permanent costume?

  32. Bryson

    When are we going to see them????

  33. Gems

    I am back after a long time, so you will have to approve a spree of comments across the website in the next couple of days 🙂 Great video guys. Once again, kudos to Louis to summon the courage to compete against Char, especially when she is in that costume. I agree with Martin that the contest videos have gotten shorter but I don’t think it is because of a lack of trying. Char has simply become so clinical in finishing off Louis that the contests have been reduced to exhibitions 🙂

  34. Bryson, in time, my friend. In time. I’ll be speaking with the costume companies and getting just the right ones. Of course, poor Louis has no idea what is in his future with all of this. I am still planning things out. Just know that we will all have a ton of fun! That’s how we roll! *wink*

  35. Gems!!! Good to have you back!! Hope all is well with you! I loved your “Char has simply become so clinical in finishing off Louis that the contests have been reduced to exhibitions”!! That made me laugh!! You got that right! *wink*

  36. Gems – thanks for returning to our site! While the arm wrestling matches have indeed become shorter, our paper football competitions run 30 mins to an hour and we throw in all sorts of other skits like fake commercials, etc. So I think it’s been pretty balanced.. but for Martin, yourself, and others who want more… don’t worry – more videos are coming! You are right, by the way, the arm wrestling ones are shorter mainly because Char pretty much won with ease. I’ve got to come up with something that’ll make her struggle… hmmmmm…. good luck to me on figuring out what that might be! LOL

  37. Bryson, my friend, I’m asking her the same thing! LOL

  38. Martin

    me too agree that long videos r not required. But when it comes to “power games” b/w both of u, then I don’t think any of ur fans will feel bored, specially if char wins!..:)…so, may be u can start thinking of the lifting game each other..#wink#

  39. Megan

    Nice costume! (Wonder Woman, not the mask) Very sexy! I need one of those!


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