The Traveling Twosome to Launch TV Channel Summer 2012

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The Traveling Twosome Channel is coming Summer 2012
The Traveling Twosome Channel is coming Summer 2012

The Traveling Twosome is excited to announce that we are launching a TV Channel in the Summer of 2012.  The Traveling Twosome Channel will bring you our TV Show (A Day in the Life), many hilarious videos and crazy competitions between the two of us, special programming from partners of The Traveling Twosome (these partners will be announced soon), and much more – including some all new shows!

How can you see this channel no matter where you live and without having to worry whether or not your cable or satellite provider carries it?  Easy… get a Roku!  What’s a Roku you might be asking?

We recently ditched our personal cable / satellite subscription at our home and purchased an Apple TV and a Roku with a Netflix and a Hulu Plus subscription.  The Roku and the Apple TV were both under $100 (the Roku was well under the $100 mark).  The Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions only cost about $16 per month combined!  We exchanged a $100 a month bill for a $16 a month bill with the purchase of our Apple TV and Roku!  Not only that but we get all the shows we already watched, far more that we didn’t have before, and the best part… it’s all on demand.  We get what we want to watch, when we want to watch it!

Buy a RokuOnce you move to the Apple TV and Roku, you’ll look at cable and satellite the way the first car owners must have looked back at the horse and buggy.  Ok, so enough of my sales pitch for Roku and Apple TV.  I assume I’ve made the case on this matter… now back to the part about our new channel!

Look for information to be released soon about the official launch of The Traveling Twosome Channel!  We’ll be posting show lineups on our site as soon as the initial programming is finalized.

We’ll continue to bring you all the offbeat humor, fun travel reviews, intense competitions, and everything else you’ve come to expect from us… and now, we’ll do it on our own television channel… exclusively on Roku!

Ready to buy a Roku? Click the link below…

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

We know you’ll love having Roku!  To Learn more about Roku and how you can save tons of money while enjoying better television, check out

*** UPDATE 7/20/2012:  Our Roku TV Channel is NOW AVAILABLE in the Roku Channel Store!  If you are a Roku owner, click here to add the channel or look us up in the Channel Store!

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  • June 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Incredible news! Can’t wait! You guys are awesome!

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