5-22-2012 Radio Show

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
By Louis Magnifico
Char Magnifico returns as Wonder Woman in the upcoming rematch of the Paper Football game

Char Magnifico returns as Wonder Woman in the upcoming rematch of the Paper Football game

On tonight’s radio show, we talk about this week’s paper football rematch between Char (as Wonder Woman) and Louis (as the unnamed masked man). We also talk about Vintage, the Lower White River Area in Arkansas (including DeVall’s Bluff and Des Arc, Arkansas), Craig’s BBQ, Jack Magoo’s, APFED, and more!

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11 Responses to “5-22-2012 Radio Show”

  1. Stan Gravis

    Char, can I be your cabana boy slave too!

  2. Bryson

    Char listening to you talk about how you’re going to win the paper football match was very uplifting. 😉

    I can’t wait to see the video. Sorry Louis but I hope she creams you.

  3. Bailey Roberts

    I have a funny feeling Char might lose the game this time.

  4. Bryson

    Was just checking to see if the paper football rematch was on your site yet? How much longer?

  5. Not long – the video is going to be WELL worth the wait (as usual). The ending of the game this time… incredible! Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to it!

  6. Bryson

    Oh, no. Please tell me Char won.

  7. I’ll only tell you the video is going to be amazing! It’ll hopefully be online this weekend! It will also be distributed to all networks that carry our TV show.

  8. Bailey, I thought you were my cheerleader?!? LOL.

  9. Stan, I doubt Louis would ever allow anyone to be my personal cabana boy slave but himself! LOL

  10. Bry, The video will be out as soon as possible! Stay tuned! You never know what to expect with The Traveling Twosome! Anticipation is a good thing!!

  11. Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Don’t be a doubter!


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