May 6, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is from our recent photo shoot for our upcoming book!  It’s Wonder Woman vs. The Masked Magnifico! Just a little preview of what’s in store!  Thanks to photographer Rob Deglow for this photo credit.

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The intimidating wrestling mask appears to give Louis a little more confidence against Wonder Woman in this match!

Wonder Woman vs. The Masked Magnifico! The intimidating wrestling mask appears to give Louis a little more confidence against Wonder Woman in this match!

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33 Responses to “May 6, 2012”

  1. Stan Gravis

    WOW! When is the video going to be posted? You guys are incredible! Please tell who won? Char you look GREAT in that costume!

  2. poppa jeff

    man wonder womans bouts to be put in the cockrum crippler hold

  3. Bryson

    GO CHAR!!! Best pic EVER! The mask looks cool Louis but Char looks incredible as Wonder Woman. I can not wait to see this match! I know Char had to win! And those boots!!! 🙂

  4. Randy

    Please chnage your book cover picture to this!

  5. Jason

    From this picture, it looks like Louis might have won! Must just be a tease. No way he won!
    Char, those boots are HOT! You could have kicked him with the boots in that position and he’d be out!

  6. Eric Turlock

    Unbelievable! Char, this is what we’ve been waiting for! The costumes look great, the wrestling looks intense, I can’t wait to see this match! When can we watch it?

  7. Nate

    Can I wrestle her next? 😉

  8. Bailey Roberts

    Hottest chick on the internet, luckiest guy in the world. Nice shot from the match! Looks like Char is about to knock him down with those legs! Ouch!!!

  9. Dana

    So did you win the match, Char? Or did you “let him win”?

  10. D.W.

    Char would be the hottest wrestling diva there is if she’d take up a real career as a wrestler. She’d be one to take on the guys! Can’t figure out if I’d like her better as a face or a heel. Great pic!!!!

  11. Patrick Holt

    WHOA! This match looks great! Please can someone tell us when the video is going to be online! I must see this whole match!

  12. Patrick, so sorry to disappoint. This was not an actual match though I did throw Louis down and tackled him quite a few times! This was a photo shoot for our upcoming book! However, you never know when and what we will do in the near future! Stay tuned for more exciting fun!

  13. A face or a heel…. yeah, that’s a tough decision I must agree! HAHAHA Why couldn’t I be both? After all, I am able to play both parts quite well according to all y’all! *wink*

  14. Dana, I would NEVER lose a match but I MIGHT consider throwing him a bone every once in a while and letting him “think” he just might stand a chance at winning…at least until the very end! Then? He’s going D-O-W-N! *grin*

  15. *BLUSH* Bailey, thanks for the compliment! I am just as lucky as Louis is. He’s incredible in every way!! We have so much fun together! I had to be careful not to kick him out of the ring with those boots! Held back my *girl power*. See where the boot was …upper chest. Would have taken nothing at all to kick him off and watch him go flying! LOL But I love him so I was gentle. Sort of. I think… *wink*

  16. Nate, Louis answered you on last nights radio show. He said “NO”. LOL

  17. Eric….. You are a hoot!! This was some fun wrestling! Just enough to show the photographer what we can do! LOL One day…. perhaps…. maybe… Wrestling Wonder Woman vs. Masked Man. It could happen. Maybe.

  18. Thanks! You are right! One full blown kick and he would have fell out of the ring! LOL

  19. Randy! I LOVE YOU!!!! LOL ROFLOL!!

  20. Eric Turlock

    I am sure it was fun! 😉 You really have to make this match happen. It would be the best video you’ve ever made. Still looking forward to seeing the next Wonder Woman paper football game too!

  21. Bryson

    I am with D.W. You’d make a great real pro wrestler! I think you’d do best as a heel beating up on everyone, guy and girl alike. If you ever move into the WWE, don’t ever stop The Traveling Twosome!

  22. Bry, nothing will stop me from continuing The Traveling Twosome! I absolutely LOVE my job and all of you amazing and hilarious fans! Y’all just help make my world a little brighter!

  23. Jake

    She is HOT!!!!!!!

  24. *blushing* Thanks, Jake!

  25. Parker

    That’s HOT! I LOVE the costume!

  26. Thanks, Parker! The costume is really incredible!

  27. Terry

    Char you are incredible! Love this pic!

  28. Kenny Carter

    Awesome picture but I wish Wonder Woman was on top rather than on the mat. Future pic of the week, maybe?

  29. Martin

    both of u 4got about posting paper football rematch video or still editing?

  30. We got behind having to put the finishing touches on our new book coming out. We are still editing but it will be ready very soon! And… it will be worth the wait! 🙂

  31. Jordan Myers

    How cool it would be to see you in a wrestling match in these costumes! Wonder Woman would destroy you Louis! hahaha!

  32. Jordan, I’d be too afraid of a wardrobe malfunction! LOL


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