2-21-2012 Radio Show

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
By Louis Magnifico
Char Magnifico from Vintage performs at the MSM Jam at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis

Char Magnifico from Vintage performs at the MSM Jam at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis


On tonight’s radio show, we talk about the recent Mid South Musician’s Jam (MSM) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis.  We also discuss the upcoming Paper Football Championship Bowl Game (and Wonder Woman, of course), Vintage, and APFED.  Don’t miss this show – and leave us feedback below!

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7 Responses to “2-21-2012 Radio Show”

  1. Dan West

    Donald Duck??????????? I never knew!!!!!!! You are such a talent!!!!!

  2. Carla Goodlace

    The Mid-South Musician Meet and Greet this past Sunday was INCREDIBLE! Such AWESOME talent! LOVED IT! Looking forward to the next one! :O)

    OH YES! I wanna see Louis in the 7″ boots! ROFLOL

    And Char is right Louis, Char has the upper hand in the paper football competition ~ you WILL be distracted with the WW costume!

    I think we both need to put together a video of some pics of Louis losing! We’ll even find the right music for it as well! ROFLOL

    “Bull Dinky Doo” ROFLOL

    ROFLOL ~ Gotta LOVE Ninabug!

    Now I see why you’re the lead singer of Vintage and not Louis! LOL
    You’re gonna have nightmares of Louis singing as Neil Diamond? I think it’s me that’s gonna have them! LOL

    “Is there any damage to the SUV” ROFLOL

  3. ROFLOL Yeah! My grandfather taught me to challenge myself…..except his Donald Duck was very different and I didn’t do his way well enough so I practiced and practiced and practiced and one day I figured out how to do it better than him! He was SHOCKED when I gave him my sassiest Donald Duck impersonation! It was hilarious!!! Kids LOVE it!!! I do it when they least expect it! Too stinkin’ funny!

  4. Bryson

    Char, I am so excited about next weeks paper football game now. Wonder Woman cannot lose!!!! You are right that Louis will be so distracted by the costume that he won’t even come close. You’re going to blow him away. I know I wouldn’t be able to even keep score right if I were playing against you in that outfit!

  5. Eric Turlock

    Louis what is wrong with you? Wonder Woman just said you had to give her a massage if you lost and you said NO??? I’ll do it for you then! 😉

  6. Stan Gravis

    Louis is one lucky man.

  7. Oh my!

    Bryson, Eric and Stan,

    Here’s to a great game and to me smokin’ Louis!!! *raises water glass*

    He doesn’t stand a chance!! I’ll be sure of it! LOL

    Y’all are crazy. Just sayin’…… *giggle*


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