February 12, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, shows, or competitions for the Pic of the Week! Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is a little preview of what’s in store for this year’s Second Annual Paper Football Championship Bowl Game!  This year, we’ve agreed to play the game in superhero costumes… and yes, the event will once again be complete with all new fake commercials and a halftime show.  Char will be playing in her Wonder Woman costume and Louis will be playing in his Star Man costume.  We’ll showcase Star Man in next week’s Pic of the Week.  If you like Char’s Wonder Woman costume, be sure to stay tuned to our radio show as we are going to be having the stylist from this costume company on the air with us in the coming weeks!  We tend to think that this is the sexiest Wonder Woman costume ever, the best Wonder Woman costume ever, and we’re happy to bring them on the air with us!

Char in her Wonder Woman costume.  She's getting ready for this year's Paper Football Championship Bowl Game - this year to be played in costume!

Char in her Wonder Woman costume. She's getting ready for this year's Paper Football Championship Bowl Game - this year to be played in costume!

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41 Responses to “February 12, 2012”

  1. Justin Lott


  2. Bryson

    This costume looks even better on! You look AMAZING as Wonder Woman! More pictures of this???? I love it!

  3. Eric Turlock

    Char you look better than the real Wonder Woman! This costume looks great. And those boots!

  4. Bailey Roberts

    Where can I buy this costume? Does it come with everything you are wearing? Boots too? Char you look so sexy as Wonder Woman!

  5. Louis didn’t get the heels of the boots in the pic! We’re talking 6-7 inches!! HOLY COW! It was hilarious watching me walk in them!!

  6. Stan Gravis

    This is the sexiest pic I’ve ever seen, Char!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  7. Great pic, “she’s got legs,and she knows how to use them!”

  8. Drew

    She is gorgeous!

  9. Annonymous Wife

    Can you please share where you found that costume? I need one before April. You look great in it!

  10. Char – I agree with everyone (of course). Both you and the costume look stunning!

    Bailey and “Anonymous Wife” – Click the Amazon.com link in our right hand column sidebar ads and search for “Forplay Women’s Super Woman Costume Set” and you’ll find this costume minus the boots. Char bought the boots separately at a local store in Memphis, TN.

  11. And to let everyone know, we’ll be having a rep from Forplay on our radio show in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! It should be a fun interview!

  12. OK, now……. Y’all are making me BLUSH!!! Thanks for all the compliments! *insert blushing shy giggle* Y’all are just crazy but crazy is FUN! At least the “good” kind of crazy such as yourselves! *wink*

  13. Baby, I love you!! Glad you “approve” because you’re stuck with me like glue! CRAZY GLUE!! *insert passionate hot kiss and tight loving hug*

  14. Todd

    Geez Char…You know I have a bad heart, right? LOL

  15. ROFLOL!!!! Todd, you cracker me up!! Hope to see you all very soon, my friend! Keep that heart a’pumpin’, boy! There is lots of fun to be had with lots of music to be played!

  16. Stacey Spencer

    I wish I would look as nice in a Wonder Woman outfit! What a hottie!

  17. Todd

    I would love to see y’all if you get a chance to stop by after my surgery. Could you wear the Wonder Woman costume also? LOLOL

  18. Thanks, Stacey! I say get the costume and have fun with it!! *wink*

  19. Todd, my dear friend….. are you asking for a heart attack? LOL How about I come as a nun?? Better to be safe than sorry, right!?! LOL

  20. Eric Turlock

    There’s got to be more photos of this, Char. Please share! Looking forward to the paper football game! You are awesome!

  21. Jason


  22. Oh, you’ll get more. When Louis and I compete in our next paper football competition! Don’t fret! LOL

  23. Eric Turlock

    This is going to be your best competition video ever, better than the wrestling matches even. You’ve got to play into your “superhero roles” I really can’t wait! You have to win, Char!

  24. I’ll do my best, my friend!!! And you KNOW that means I will WHOOP HIM GOOD!!!

  25. David Smith

    She is perfect!

  26. Hamus

    Oh my god, that is one of the hottest pictures I’ve ever seen. And to hear that there are 6-7 inch heels??? Char, in the video you have GOT to do a bit of size comparison with little Louis (a/k/a the luckiest guy on earth).

    Can’t wait for this video! You guys always bring the creativity and fun!

  27. Hamas, yes I do agree that I am the luckiest guy on earth! You gave me a good idea regarding the size comparison, by the way…. Stay tuned! Hope you enjoy the video, we’re going to have a blast making it!

  28. Hamus, Thank you for your kind words! *blush*

    Ummmmmmm, Louis, should I be frightened? HA! NEVER! Bring it on, baby!

  29. Bryson

    Hamus, that would be awesome!

  30. Bryson

    When are you going to put the video on the website? How did it go? Looking forward to it!!!

  31. Patience, my dear fan. Patience… I can not tell you how it went. I must make you wonder! You must stay patient! *grin* This weekend you will have it all. *smile*

  32. Stan Gravis

    Is the video almost ready?

  33. Bryson

    Ok, getting excited here! Soon?

  34. TODAY!! We decided to film one extra piece for it which is why you all had to impatiently wait! LOL Trust me, it’s worth the wait and the anticipation. I feel rather silly but that’s why it’s so much fun, right!?

  35. Bryson

    Well how about another Wonder Woman pic of the week while I wait? 😉

  36. You, Bryson, are crackin’ me up!!! Stay tuned! It’s all being wrapped up this afternoon.

  37. OK – the video is being rendered tonight and it will be tomorrow before it gets posted on the site and sent out to our TV outlets! Until then… you are correct… we didn’t post a Pic of the Week yesterday. So here it is, a day late… http://thetravelingtwosome.com/?p=4732

  38. Becca Jordan

    Nice looking costume! Is the top a seperate or is it a one piece body suit? My husband is dying for me to buy a Wonder Woman costume and I’m searching everywhere for just the right one!

  39. Becca, it’s a one piece and it is very comfortable! It has a great fit!
    Forplaycatalog.com. Check it out! We LOVE it!!

  40. jackson

    you are a beauty

  41. Thank you, Jackson! You are too kind!!


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