Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Valentine's Day Surprise
The bed, full of Valentine's Day surprises, just as Louis saw it when he walked into our bedroom.

Little did Louis know what was in store for him this Valentine’s Day.  He knew I had been planning a few “little” things for him but never could he imagine at what lengths I would go to make him feel like the most loved man on earth. Which, by the way, he is.  *wink*

For about 6 weeks I have been planning and prepping for this very special occasion…..  we believe in showing each other our love every day so typically this day is not much different than every other day for us.  We are always enjoying life together. However, I had an itch deep within my heart to do something so over the top.  Something he would least expect.  And, of course, since we don’t allow the world to dictate what, how, and when we celebrate our love…. it seemed the PERFECT day to surprise him!

The surprise began when I searched for his car in a parking lot.  I parked behind him and quickly ran into action.  I began by placing a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift bag in his passenger seat.  I tied two large balloons to the bag. Inside the bag there were all kinds of delicious treats.  I made sure I bought his favorites.   I also had a small teddy bear with a tiny frame around its neck with a picture of the two of us together.  In a box there was a heart frame with a picture of us on one of our most memorable dates together…. and I left a special note and a deck of cards on his driver seat.  I tossed red rose petals all over his car, put on bright lipstick and kissed his steering wheel, and laid a beautiful red rose across it.  I made a very large heart card and placed it inside his gift bag.  After deckin’ out the inside of his car I jumped out, locked the doors and began writing all over his windows!  My favorite was on the back rear window where I wrote in BOLD white letters with red hearts around it…. THIS MAN IS LOVED!  I added some mushy-gushy Valentine window clings and voila! My first mission was accomplished!

Trays of yummy goodness by the fire
Trays of yummy goodness by the fire!

At home I had spent many hours prepping our bedroom and bathroom. White, pink and red rose petals covered the bed as well as the bathtub! I made a romantic “headboard” above our bed with sheer fabric, heart picture frames with romantic pictures of us, a picture frame shelf with a very sexy picture of us kissing, special little decorative things such as Live-Love-Laugh vases with a homemade essential oil blend and colored reeds inside soaking up the scent and permeating the room.  And of course I had to top it off with Valentine’s decor…

The bed had an array of fun things that we both enjoy. Games, massage oil, chocolates, more games, and the usual sexy attire that couples use when they are in love. *wink*  ‘Nuff said about that now!  We had bubbles, punching balloons, home made games, large blow up dice, and another home made heart card with some special notes only for his eyes.  I had newly framed pictures and decor sprucing up our bedroom. Little changes make a HUGE difference.  At least for us they do.  One special gift that warmed his heart was a beautiful box with a pink ribbon around it. Inside I had tons of little notes that all began with  “I love you because……..”   As he read them his smile was so tender and beautiful and his eyes lit up as if I had given him the world.  His passionate kiss afterwards told me it was perfect.  Another mission accomplished!

He walked into the master bathroom and his face was again full of surprise.  Not only were red rose petals strewn all over the tub but so were red candles and a beautiful bottle of of white wine.  The new wine glasses were in his hot and spicy love bucket on the bed…..  Oh, and on the shower wall I had a Valentine’s monkey cling-on.  Those who know us well understand why I would add this decoration. Louis, without fail, always does a good morning monkey dance! Well, he doesn’t only do it in the morning. He does it whenever he want to make me laugh… which always turns into a very big hug and a passionate kiss. He knows how to keep me cheaply entertained and I love every minute of it!  Yep, a wonderfully romantic night was in store.

Fun and games can spice up a night of romance!
Fun and games can spice up a night of romance!

We began the evening sitting by the fire enjoying some delectables I had prepped for dinner.  No cooking, just an assortment of his favorite romance-by-the-fire goodies.  An olive, cheese, salami, baguette bread tray with a bowl of rosemary sea salt, cracked pepper, and paprika infused olive oil.  A tray of fresh blueberries, green apple slices and seedless red grapes. Mouth sized mini cheesecakes as well as an assortment of cookies. Shrimp cocktail and a glass of white wine.  Simple yet pleasing to the eye and to the palette. Everything my man enjoys……

The homemade games were sooooooooooo much fun!  All it took was markers, construction paper, index cards and a fun and wild imagination. Oh, and blow up dice for the floor game.  I tried to find fuzzy dice to no avail.  It’s ok though… the super sized blow up dice were so much fun to play with!  We laughed so hard!  We kissed so passionately!  We hugged so tightly!  We danced and sang like crazy fools and enjoyed every silly moment together!  It was PERFECT!

Char Magnifico and Louis Magnifico
Louis and Char Magnifico

If you are someone who believes that in order to “please” your special someone you must buy something expensive to “impress” then listen up:  NOTHING can take the place of true love and romance.  And in order to keep true love and romance alive and sizzling the way most folks desire you must get creative!  Let go of your ego and embarrassment.  Let go of your stiff, prudish ways.  Let go of the “worldly view” of what *love* is.  Love is not a purchase!  Love is a heart full of excitement and anticipation.  Love is a heart full of care and desire.  Love is one who truly accepts another for who they are and seeks enjoyment and is fulfilled with only that very special one, never looking beyond that person or comparing them to another. Each individual is unique in their own way. Enhance that uniqueness by playing into it.  My man is the silliest, funniest, most handsome, loving, and romantic man….. I know him. By the time I am a senior citizen I want to have every mark on his beautiful body memorized.  I strive to get his spunkiness out and allow nothing to hinder him being himself.  After all, the day I said “I DO” was the day I proclaimed to God, to him, and to the world that I love him for who he is!  Everything about him excites me!  Let nothing stop you from staying true to yourself and having fun. Get creative. Show them how much you love them.  Diamonds are nice but they can also be lost or stolen.  True love lasts a lifetime unless it was never true love in the first place. What’s worth more? For me….. it’s True Love. I hope for you it is, too.  Nothing beats being married to your best friend.

Louis, I am yours and you are mine….. nothing and nobody else will ever be desired. You are just perfect for me. You are all I need.

Forever yours,

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Surprise

  • February 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    OK – I feel a new romantic package in the works for Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast – with dice, cards, chocolate covered strawberry’s and love notes. Look forward to having you back and reading the new book!

    FYI – Hilltop Manor was just name 1 of the Top 10 Most Romantic Inns in the United States a few weeks ago. I look forward to seeing you both again!

    Faith Kraemer
    Owner / Innkeeper of Hilltop Manor Bed & Breakfast

  • February 19, 2012 at 12:22 am


    ROFLOL I can help you with some crazy fun and romantic ideas! A *love* package would be a wonderful addition! *grin*

    We can not wait to come and see you again! Soon I hope!! Hilltop Manor is INCREDIBLE! EVERYONE should experience it for themselves! I know we enjoyed every moment we spent there! *wink*

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