The Traveling Twosome – Now On iOS Devices

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The Traveling Twosome’s audio and video files (including our archived TV and Radio Show broadcasts) have, until now, been embedded via a Flash media player.  As iOS device owners know, Flash is not rendered on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  As Apple users ourselves, we couldn’t let this continue… we had to change the format in which our website delivers its audio and video content!

From this point forward, we are using a new media player based on HTML-5 which can be accessed from Apple’s iOS devices.  There are two files below in this post to prove it… an audio file and a video file.  Both use the new media delivery system and will be accessible on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Go ahead and test them…

The files will still go straight to iTunes as well so if you subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, you’ll still be able to get your content downloaded automatically the same way you always have in the past.

Now… perhaps this is just the excuse you’ve been looking for to finally purchase your own iPad!  I’d say a trip to The Apple Store is in order!

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