Where is Your Heart this Christmas Season?

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The Traveling Twosome enJOYing Christmas Time Together
The Traveling Twosome enJOYing Christmas time together

I used to cringe at the onset of the holiday season because it brought out selfishness and rudeness in so many.  The behavior I witnessed year after year from stressed shoppers was incomprehensible to me.  It was sad to see so many people allow “things or lack thereof” to steal their joy and I always desired simplicity.  I desired to make memories that I could hold near and dear to my heart forever.  That is the true gift that everyone can enjoy if they choose to do so.

Each year since Louis and I got married I have grown to love holidays more and more.  The best gift we could receive and the best gift we could give one another is LOVE.  Going into debt to “please man’s selfish desires” is not what this Christmas is about.  No “Black Friday” chaos, no “Cyber Monday” debt.  Simply living, learning, laughing and loving together.  Simplicity is the key to really living life.  Whatever happened to spending TIME together?  In this society it has been replaced with gifts to “make-up” for the lack of time and/or the lack of closeness in a relationship.  I choose TIME with the ones I love.  I choose cuddling up by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, sharing stories, playing games and showing my family how much I love them.  These memories are a lasting GIFT and will never be tossed away.  These memories can not break, be outgrown, wear out and look “rough”, etc.  These memories will always be full of smiles, laughter and LOVE.

Something about the holiday season makes us yearn for simpler times. Sometimes, after our family relaxes around the fireplace with hot cocoa and blankets to listen to a radio drama in front of a small ceramic Christmas village, Louis and I think about how so many people are spending their holiday stressed.  It doesn’t make sense.

Choose wisely this Christmas.  Break the societal tradition of debt and spend TIME with the ones you LOVE.  They are your real gifts.

Pray it be so!

Merry Christmas from our humble abode to yours.  May you truly seek to build closer relationships with the ones you love.  May you see the importance in Living, Loving and Laughing together.

Char Magnifico~

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  • November 27, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    AMEN Sista! Well said!

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