The Boxing Match

Thursday, September 8, 2011
By Louis Magnifico
Char and Louis finally step in the ring for a mixed boxing match.

Char and Louis finally step in the ring for a mixed boxing match.

When Char and I filmed our second A Day in the Life TV show episode, “A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler,” we had no idea that the show would become an internet sensation.  Our fans immediately began asking us to return to the ring… this time for boxing rather than wrestling.  Almost every week since our wrestling match, our fans have been practically begging us to put on a match.

I continually said no to the idea – and found myself repeating this refusal over and over for a year.  But when wrestling legend Ken Wayne (who appears in our boxing video at the very end after the match) opened up his school of professional wrestling for us to use as a film location for an upcoming episode of our show, we decided we might as well make use of his ring while we were there.

Char and I put on the gloves and held a three round mixed gender boxing match with Ken Wayne officiating.  The match was over in the first round.  Rather than giving away any details, take a look at the video yourself…

You’ve been asking for this for over a year.  We hope this video lives up to your expectations and is what you’ve been waiting for!




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28 Responses to “The Boxing Match”

  1. Julie Bell

    ROFLOL! But I think the video distortion was added on purpose to hide the embarrassing performance by Louis. First round knockout? Come on! I could have lasted longer than that against Char!

  2. Anonymous

    Char must have been using lead weighted gloves !!

  3. Bryson

    OK, post the REAL video now!

    Julie, I agree that the video was intentionally messed up. My proof is that in the slow motion instant replay the video is not messed up at all. I am only wondering if it was done to cover up that the match was actually faked! I don’t think it was to cover up embarrassingly bad boxing. They wouldn’t care about that.

    I’ve watched it a few times to see if I could spot where it might be faked. I just can’t tell!!! It looks like Char really connects with a few punches.

    Either way, it was worth it for the instant replay part. 🙂 And Louis, once again, I envy you.

  4. Eric Turlock

    Char, okay that was really funny but will you now post the footage without the video being all jumbled? Please??? For me??? I know that was on purpose because when Louis is talking about the tapes being messed up you’re still at the boxing place. I know you must have the real footage, will you please post for your biggest fan? This is TOO MUCH of a tease!

  5. Hanson

    No way this is “technical difficulties”, this was an effect put on the video. Still, I loved it. And Louis once again you’ve got guts to stand toe to toe with your wife in a boxing ring. She looks TOUGH!!! Was the knockout faked, though? I have to ask. And yes, please post the real video.

  6. Steven

    I have a different take on this video. I think the match was so one sided in Char’s favor that the video was made to look broken so that the match didn’t leave people disappointed. Notice how during the match there is a lot of noisy cheering. But in the instant replay there’s nothing but the sound of Char knocking Louis on his ass. The hit and the whole match looks real but the cheering was obviously canned. They tampered with the video a lot. I’m sure Char won the match but I also think that Louis gave up too easily. No way he couldn’t get up from that hit. he probably just saw where the match was headed and threw in the towel. I’d love to see the real footage not messed with. Char is a knock out in more ways that one! 😉

  7. Eric Turlock

    @Steven Good observation. I didn’t notice the cheering wasn’t in the slow motion part. You’re right. Definitely canned cheering. I don’t think I can agree with you though about a one sided match being a disappointment. I sort of expected Char would win easily and that wouldn’t make it a disappointment.

    Char when will we get to see the real video?

  8. John

    Louis and Char pulled an Andy Kaufman on us.

  9. David

    OK this was funny. now go box for real! 🙂

  10. Melissa Poole

    Whether or not the video was messed up intentionally it’s still obvious that the woman kicked his butt. Good for her for not backing down!

  11. Ford

    From the little you can see, he got his ass handed to him! Awesome!

  12. Eric Turlock

    Still waiting on the REAL video! PLEASE!!!

  13. Linda

    After the buildup on the radio, I was excited but a little nervous about seeing the two of you try boxing each other. This was too funny and not at all what I expected! LOL

  14. David Wilks Jr.

    I should have read the comments first. I kept refreshing the page wondering what was up with the download. Is there more video coming?

  15. Roy


  16. To all our crazy fans: first, thank you for all of your feedback, comments, and interaction. Char and I knew that this video would cause a stir among all of you. We love creating these zany videos on our website almost as much as we love producing our TV shows!

    I’ve got to hand it to John who commented above with “Louis and Char pulled an Andy Kaufman on us.” You win the prize, John. For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, please watch the movie Man on the Moon and pay attention to the scene about the TV special. Char and I LOVE (and share) Andy Kaufman’s unique sense of humor.

    As for the match itself… real or unreal… well, Char and I are truly enjoying all of your comments with your own ideas about it. All I’ll say is this:

    Here’s a truck stop instead of Saint Peter’s
    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Mister Andy Kaufman’s gone wrestling
    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

  17. Eric Turlock

    So you mean you won’t be putting out another video where we can actually see the match?

  18. Eric (and everyone else interested) – October is coming quickly… and you know what that means: The Traveling Twosome Olympics! We’ve got some fantastic competitions lined up this year. Trust us… you WON’T be disappointed! Plus, there are other videos we filmed at Ken Wayne’s School of Professional Wrestling. Those are coming soon as well! Char and I think that after you see the videos we’ve got coming out in the near future, you won’t mind the blurred boxing footage… Stay tuned!

  19. Eric Turlock

    Can’t wait for the olympics videos this year. What else did you film at the wrestling school?

  20. Kelly Heinz

    haha Looks like Louis spent a day in the life of a punching bag. lol

  21. Ron

    The video messes up right when the match begins. Looks like the blonde is kicking butt but i can’t see the video!

  22. Ron, That, my dear friend, was intentional. *smile* Leave our fans wanting more! There’s always a method to our madness! HAHAHA Stay tuned! One never knows what they might see coming up in our near future! (go read the comments below this boxing video…you might have a few good laughs like we did!)

  23. Darren

    Hahaha Andy Kaufman! I love it! Char, you rock!!!!

  24. Hi Darren! Yes, Andy’s brand of humor will find its way on our site from time to time as Char and I are both huge fans of his art. Every time someone had told us that the video on the boxing match was scrambled and they couldn’t view it, we were having the biggest fits of laughter inside! Anyway – glad to have you on board our site. And yes, Char does rock! 🙂

  25. We LOVE Andy Kaufman! He was a genius!! Thanks, Darren!! Glad you enjoy our prank as much as we do!!! *smile* Stay tuned, there is much more coming up!

  26. Morgan Sciacca

    From what I could see, Char has tons of woman power! Awesome stuff! Keep it up! 🙂

  27. Teeeheeeheeeheee Thanks, Morgan! I must represent GIRL POWER at all times! It’s how I roll! *wink*

  28. Morgan Sciacca

    That’s awesome! Girls rule! 🙂


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