Mountain Thyme Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn in Jessieville, Arkansas
Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Jessieville, Arkansas is just 18 miles from Hot Springs National Park and offers one of the most peaceful and relaxing settings we've experienced.

Just 18 miles north of Hot Springs National Park you’ll find the idyllic Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn located in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. This luxurious 8 room bed and breakfast is the perfect getaway for anyone in need of serenity and relaxation.

Upon arrival we were greeted by innkeepers Mike and Rhonda Hicks.  Their warm and loving welcome made us feel at home immediately.

After giving us a lovely tour they handed us our key to a spacious and charming Victorian style bedroom that we would call home for the next two nights. Louis and I stayed in “Janie Lee’s Room,” located just upstairs from the common area.  As we walked inside our room we entered a serene and tranquil place with a comfortable Queen sized bed, a beautiful window seat overlooking the grounds, and a fireplace to warm you up on a cold winter’s night while cuddling the one you love.

The silence is what first grabbed my attention. No more hustle and bustle of traffic and people running to and fro.  Those who come to Mountain Thyme Inn come for the peace that encompasses the glorious 9 acres that adjoin sprawling Ouachita National Forest. The quiet, peaceful setting was just what we were looking for.

The rooms at Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn are warm, peaceful, and romantic.
The rooms at Mountain Thyme Bed and Breakfast Inn are warm, peaceful, and romantic.

With it’s large wrap-around porch with rockers and swings it was time for Louis and I to kick off our shoes and relax together. The comfortable setting made the evenings more romantic as we held each other in the swing talking, laughing, and kissing late into the night.  Listening to the poetic sounds of nature that surrounded us made it seem like a dream.

For those who enjoy nature, as Louis and I both do, there are nature books, bird watching guides, binoculars, walking trails, and plenty more to enjoy at Mountain Thyme.  There are hammocks in which to rest as you fall asleep peacefully under the bright morning sun or the evening stars.  Or, you may bring out one of the many books available in the common living areas.  There is a fire pit for guests to sit around and talk, laugh, and eat toasted marshmallows.  It’s a place to build new friendships and create many memories together.

Char enjoys breakfast at Mountain Thyme
Char enjoys breakfast at Mountain Thyme

Mike and Rhonda keep a fully stocked closet for guests who may have forgotten an essential such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo or razor. In each bathroom they supply bath salts for a relaxing bath.  They also allow each guest to pick a beautiful bar of soap of their choosing from many homemade soaps they have for sale.  They all smelled amazing but being the great team that we are, we came to an agreement.  You just have to love a man who enjoys a beautiful scent!

For those wanting to hibernate in the comfort and quiet of their own room there are hundreds of movies and books to borrow.  There are many board games and card games to choose from as well.  Louis and I took part in a few games as well as perused through some very interesting antique magazines.  We enjoyed the old advertisements and many laughs were had in the confines of our own bedroom.

A great night's rest awaits you in the comfortable beds at Mountain Thyme Inn.
A great night's rest awaits you in the comfortable beds at Mountain Thyme Inn.

After some time spent inside the Inn, I was itching to explore the grounds with a photographer’s eye.  I love nature photography.  So much beauty surrounds Mountain Thyme Inn!  Louis and I walked hand in hand through the nature trails on their property admiring the sights and sounds.  I took many amazing shots.  We talked, we laughed, and yes, we even stopped to listen to the music of nature while kissing underneath the beautiful trees.

Back inside after our walk, we spent time getting to know our lovely Innkeepers, Rhonda and Mike.  They offered us an afternoon snack which we accepted graciously.  Such a lovely couple!  It’s always so refreshing to see couples in love who work together and play together.

Each morning we awakened to a delicious breakfast cooked by the hands of Mike and Rhonda.  For someone who is not typically a morning person, I looked forward to waking up!  The food was outstanding!  So much so that I had to ask Rhonda for a recipe which she gave to me.  You won’t want to miss breakfast when enjoying your stay at Mountain Thyme.  It was worth waking up for!

Char with our new friends, innkeepers Mike and Rhonda Hicks
Char with our new friends, innkeepers Mike and Rhonda Hicks

Ours was a delightful 2 day stay at Mountain Thyme Inn with Mike and Rhonda and we can not wait to visit them again soon.  Two days simply wasn’t long enough.  We arrived as strangers but we left feeling like part of their family.  Thank you, Mike and Rhonda, for your gracious hospitality and warmth.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the blessing you call Home.

This luxurious 8 room bed and breakfast awaits you at 10860 Scenic Byway 7 North in Jessieville, AR.  We’ll be showcasing this charming place as part of our upcoming TV Show episode, “A Day in the Life of Hot Springs Bed and Breakfasts,” coming soon from The Traveling Twosome!  You won’t want to miss this episode where you’ll get to see the beauty of Mountain Thyme and meet the wonderful innkeepers themselves!

To plan your stay at Mountain Thyme, call 1-888-820-5424.  Visit them on the web at

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  • July 30, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Mountain Thyme B&B is absolutely delightful. Mike & Rhonda are wonderful. After each of my stays I’ve always felt like I was leaving friends. My mother & 83 yr old grandmother loved their Mother Day stay. I love, love the down pillows & homemade soaps. I’m thankful Rhonda & Mike open their home & life to us.

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