Memphis Farmers Market

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Memphis Farmers Market Flowers
Memphis Farmers Market Flowers

This past week Louis and I began our Saturday morning quite early. The weather was windy and brisk but that did not stop us from enjoying the Memphis Farmers Market’s first day of the season. Many folks flock from Memphis and the surrounding areas to take delight in the beauty, the freshness and the aromas of all things Spring. Fresh flowers spread over the marketplace… beautiful bushes, plants and trees… rich and soothing goat milk soaps and lotions… delectable fruits.

At the Farmer’s Market, an assorted array of fresh vegetables of every size, shape, color and texture abound. Herbs and spices that make this foodie girl crumble to her knees in anticipation!  Oh the thoughts that caress my spirit as I walk through this amazing place! It is enough to make a poet bend words in ways never written before. It’s enough to make an artist go home and become fully absorbed in the rich colors and textures of life.

If you have never been to a local Farmers Market in your area I encourage you to find one and check it out. Go on an empty stomach (well, I had coffee in hand) and expect to bite into the richness of homemade morning pastries by one of the vendors as you walk, talk, and enjoy the offerings of the day. This is a beautiful start to a perfect day. Especially if you are hand in hand with the one you love.

Family Friendly Markets Offer Something For Every Age
Family Friendly Markets Offer Something For Every Age

Many markets today have home grown organic farmers selling their fresh goods. They will often have organic local farms that carry the best grade meats and seafood locally in the area as well. When you combine the delicious treats of life that you see, it bursts forth the most amazing meals on the planet… all made with loving hands from start to finish: Hands that care to bring you the very best. Hands that love the earth and it’s future. Hands that come together to provide the best nutrition your money can buy you for as little as they can offer to sell it to you. These hands make a living doing what they enjoy. That enjoyment rolls over into the hands who purchase it and those who cook it. Then finally, the mouths that bite into it and savor every mouth watering sensation. Sounds like a poem waiting to happen, doesn’t it?

One thing I absolutely love to do is find something I have never had the pleasure to experience before. Not only do I search for such gems, I search out others who may be purchasing them as well. I am not shy, you see. So don’t be surprised if I come up to you and ask what something is and how you plan on cooking it.  I have made many wonderful new friends simply by asking a question. “What is that you are purchasing? How do you plan on cooking it? What does it taste like?” Farmers and customers alike all enjoy a good conversation about food so never hesitate to ask.

I have purchased many things without having a clue about it. I do those things, you see. I enjoy adventure. Especially adventure on a plate set before me. Good quality, delicious, healthy food gets me excited. Colors, textures, flavors….. all mingling together creating art on a plate revs my engine. And when my engine is revved up there is no telling what will happen!

Char Magnifico Clowning Around
Char Magnifico Clowning Around

If you are in the Memphis, TN area be sure to stop by at the Farmers Market located at S. Front Street and GE Patterson, Memphis, TN 38103.

The Memphis Farmers Market is a weekly non-profit outdoor market featuring local farmers and artisans, live music and fun activities. Saturdays 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. mid-April thru October. Downtown Memphis. Free parking, and pet sitting available.

Come on out and enjoy life with us! If you do and you see Louis and I, be sure to give a shout!  We’d love to meet you!


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