The Paper Football Championship Bowl Game

Sunday, February 6, 2011
By Louis Magnifico
A little preview of just some of the excitement awaiting you in this video!

A little preview of just some of the excitement awaiting you in this video!

For about three weeks we’ve been telling you that we were planning on airing our most outrageous video ever on Super Bowl Sunday, 2011.  The wait is over.  This is the video we promised.

When we posted our Pic of the Week last week, which foreshadowed some of what is included in this video, we had no idea that you would react with the enthusiasm you did!  As of this writing, there are 31 comments on that picture and it is currently our #1 most visited post on this website!

Over the past two weeks, The Traveling Twosome have been VERY busy!  We produced this video, and we received two great bits of news about our TV show!  The first piece of good news is that we have been invited to produce a rematch show of our now infamous “A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler” episode.  Yes, it appears that Char and I will re-enter the ring and become wrestlers one more time.  Perhaps this time, with different results???  The second piece of good news… we’re now on cable and satellite networks!  Thank you so much for your support of our TV Show, radio show, and website!  We have the best fans in the world and we couldn’t have gotten here without you!

We’ve got such a diverse audience and we love it that way!  Whether you visit our site to learn about unique towns and foods, listen to our radio show to hear our point of view on life, watch our TV show to experience other people’s jobs, or just come here for your daily dose of Girl Power from Char… we’re glad you found The Traveling Twosome!

And now… on with the show… get your popcorn and kick back for this one.  You’re about to experience an hour of pure entertainment.  This video contains much more than just our Paper Football Championship Bowl Game.  The game is all here – the “Super Bowl” of Paper Football, if you will.  But just like the NFL Super Bowl, we made this presentation special.  For example, who doesn’t love those fantastic Super Bowl commercials?  Well, I’m not giving anything else away… On with the show!

This presentation is also available on our Roku TV Channel.

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37 Responses to “The Paper Football Championship Bowl Game”

  1. Eric Turlock

    FINALLY! I’m streaming it now! This should be good!!!! Is it really an HOUR long???

  2. Eric Turlock

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I’m still watching but had to stop to tell you that you were right, this is more than worth the wait! Wrestling Aerobics with Char! I NEED THAT VIDEO! LOL

  3. ROFLOL Glad you are enjoying the show, Eric!!

  4. Warren

    Char and Louis, I can’t stop laughing! This was awesome! My favorite parts were the Hot Tub movie trailer and Wrestling Aerobics with Char. Char, please, I know that was just a spoof but PLEASE MAKE THAT VIDEO! I was rolling on the floor laughing already but when you pulled out the chains and pipe and starting beating Louis while he was down, I lost all control. You’ve got to make that a real video. You had so many things in this I almost forgot about the actual game! Congratulations, Char. I really thought Louis had you this time. Good job pulling it out in the final seconds!

  5. Eric Turlock

    WOW, I have so much to say I don’t know where to start! I hope I don’t forget anything here.

    The commercials were genius. Tomorrow while everyone else is going to be talking about the Super Bowl commercials, I’ll be telling everyone about YOUR fake commercials. I don’t think anything is going to ever top Wrestling Aerobics with Char. After the video was over, I went back to that part and watched it 3 more times. The part where you hit Louis with the pipe was HOT by the way!!!!!!

    I was a little surprised not to see you and Louis in a boxing match, by the way. Do we still have that to look forward to in another video?

    The football Q&A at the end was funny but you had to be putting on some of those answers. You said an interception was a running back! I can’t believe you know that little about football.

    I still can’t believe you actually came back and won the game. Louis had the game wrapped up in the first quarter! I truly didn’t think you were going to win until the last minute of the game. I bet Louis didn’t know what hit him! Congratulations on an impressive comeback!

    Oh and I almost forgot about smooth beer! HILARIOUS!

    I think that’s it. Great job. The download stream was kind of slow and it had to buffer a lot. But it was worth it!!!!

  6. Paul

    You had to have a great time filming this stuff! Nice job guys. Very entertaining!

  7. To everyone who has watched the video prior to 2/6/2011 at 5:25pm Central Time… we just posted a higher quality version of the video and enabled it in widescreen so the picture doesn’t look compressed. Please feel free to watch it again using one of our new links in the post above! Thanks!

  8. Ronnie

    OK, so no big surprise that Char won the match. She is very adaptive, learns quickly, and has a killer instinct. She should have joined the special forces. But she chose to marry that Louis guy instead. Okay, fine. Freedom’s loss is Louis’s gain. I love the Wrestling Aerobics video and am looking around to see where I can order that product!!!

  9. Steve


  10. ROFLOL Steve, it was hilarious to film!! We had many bloopers and fits of giggles!! *grin*

  11. Special Forces? Me? ROFLOL Freedom’s loss if Louis’ gain? This just had me in fits of laughter!!! LOLOLOL

  12. Thanks, Paul!! We certainly DID have an amazing time filming all of this! We laughed uncontrollably so many times!!

  13. Carla Goodlace

    I think I’ll stay away from the Hot Tub while I’m there! LOL

    Smooth Beer? I would’ve come with something a bit better to make the moment perfect other than a beer! But, that’s just me! LOL

    Wrestling Aerobics With Char? How much extra would it be to order a victim, um I mean a workout partner, with the video? LOL – A pipe, chain, fire pack, air mattress? What kind of workout video is this? Hmmmmmmmmm ROFLOL

    On to the Paper Football competition – a few things. 1) Louis, I would suggest the next time you start to what seems to be talking “smack”, make sure you are situated in a different location other than under a portrait of Jesus? Not good dude, not good! 2) On that note, Louis? You better work on your talking “smack” skills – Char may have to give you some lessons in this department LOL 3) Char? Sweet sister of mine? Can you please let Louis win at some type of competition in the near future? I wanna see the “Louis Jiggy-Dance”! Hee Hee! 4) Char? Was that you boasting at the end of the game? Humble yourself woman! Humble yourself! LOL )? Bull Dinky Doo? ROFLOL 6) Will that small piece of paper with tape give me a significant other too? Just wondering. LOL

    Ummmmmm Tarz-woman, oh, I mean Char? You actually gonna climb in a tree to do this competition? Wouldn’t want to see you get all excited and fall out of the tree! (then again, that would be hilarious as long as you didn’t get hurt that is) ROFLOL – Wonder what kind of critters will appear after the “call” LOL

    OK, The Throwing (shouldn’t it be Thowing?) Violent Temper Tantrums – hmmmm. . . . . Louis? Your “yelling” at Char is sooooooo not convincing at all! Just be glad she didn’t “serve” you that turkey pot pie! LOL I think I may need to invest in a few copies of this book – I can give some as “THE perfect” Christmas gift to all my sista-chicks!

    And the final portion of this video – Char, my dear sweet sista, please remember the next time you start bragging about how good you are at something – to agree to a “20 Question Test on Football”? Oh My Goodness! You set yourself up to fail on this one Chickie! LOL Facial expressions? Looked like scenes from an I Love Lucy episode! LOL OK, “Queen of Football”? I don’t watch much football myself, but I know more about the sport! LOL North & South? Patricia? Umpire? College Teams? “She’s on a roll folks!” A Running Back? Foul? 50 Yards? The Rearend Dude? (LOVE this one!) Dumb? (yeah, it is a badddddd decision!) Not allowed to hit in Football? NOW THAT’S FUNNY! The Vikings are in Michigan? Brett “Something” Manning? Touchdown? DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! BADDDDDD, JUST BADDDDDD!

    I do gotta say though, nice touch with the background sound effects – the “squeeky” dining room chair and the chirping crickets. Too funny!

  14. *giggle* Please DO be sure you share the link with others! The more the merrier! The more fans we have the more fun it is… I LOVE interacting with all of you and I especially love when y’all interact with each other! Too fun!!

    We LOVE creating fake commercials and trailers. *smile* Did you know we also create REAL commercials?

    Wrestling aerobics was such a hoot to film! We stopped so many times due to laughing fits, One would begin to giggle and then the other and before we knew it we were uncontrollable and trying to hold it all together!! I think we need to make some bloopers videos. *wink*

    Hmmmmmm, real boxing, eh? For now let’s just say “Could be lunch meat, could be peaches. Who knows!” *giggle* It shall continue to remain a mystery for you all. *insert evil Char grin and laughter*

    The football Q&A = Not tellin’! LOL

    The game: I know, right!? What a game!! I got my groove on and I was DETERMINED, as usual, to whoop his tail! Competitive play is in my nature! I can never give up! EVER!!

    Super Bowl Sunday…… Must have a beer commercial! Man, now I think I should have had a car commercial. I could have made a car out of a cardboard box! Oooooh, I think I have an idea!! *quickly jots down potential ideas for future posts*

    STAY TUNED! You never know what we will come up with next!!!

  15. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Warren! I have been laughing for weeks! *grin* Want a real video, eh? I’ll consider that! ROFLOL

  16. *teeheeeheeeheeeheee* I can’t stop laughing at all your comments!

  17. Gene

    I LOVED IT! The only thing is, I want you to really make all those teasers into actual videos! The hot tub thing could be a really good movie! And Char, if you really made Wrestling Aerobics with Char, I’d be doing aerobics every day!

    Char, great job pulling off that win. Louis doesnt deserve another rematch with you after that one. LOL

  18. Gene, I don’t think we’ll ever see a full length Hot Tub to Hell… but something tells me that Wrestling Aerobics With Char isn’t going to go away any time soon. We just might have to make that one. About the rematch, however… what do you mean I don’t deserve a rematch? I was winning the whole game until the last 60 seconds! And besides, she failed the football test at the end so I earned the rematch! It’s on for Feb 24…. and Char better be ready! 🙂

  19. Bring it on, sweet love of my life! I ain’tascaredayou!!! *bows in thank you to all my fans who have been and continue to root for ME* Thankya thankyaverymuch!

  20. Dana

    I loved the way you made this video like a big sports event. The press conference was the perfect way to start. Wrestling Aerobics commercial was AMAZING! The whole video was incredible. And the game was pretty exciting too! Way to show him GIRL POWER Char. LOL

  21. Kim

    I’m watching your video now! Char, Wrestling Aerobics? No way!!! How did you keep a straight face shooting that commercial? I would have been dying from laughter. Where do you come up with all these ideas?

  22. ROFLOL Oh Kim, You have NO idea how many times we busted a gut laughing and had to call “CUT”!! It was HYSTERICAL!!!! We could give you all the funniest video with all the bloopers! LOL

  23. Bryson

    Well, first of all you guys are nuts! But a LOT of fun, too. Everyone I talked to who watched the show loved it. We were expecting to see a boxing match but the wrestling aerobics commercial more than made up for not boxing each other. LOL Char, good job winning the game (again). Talk about someone who won’t allow themselves to get beat!

  24. ROFLOL Yeah, it’s true, we are nuts! LOL Nobody can ever say we don’t enjoy life!! LOL Our kids love the fact that we are always so playful together! *smile*

    The wrestling aerobics fake commercial seems to be the favorite of everyone! *giggles*

    Winning PFL competition like that had our adrenaline pumping! Did you see Louis at the tail end? HILARIOUS!! Then he began begging and pleading for a do-over! HAHA! NOT!! I’ll give him another re-match so he can once again end in defeat, whimper and beg. I think it’s cute! *insert evil grin and laughter* BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA

    Louis, my darling….. I love you! *insert flirty smile that is used only for you!*

  25. Bryson

    ok, get a room LOL

  26. Mitch Anderson

    Why aren’t you two on tv? You need your own reality show! This video was awesome! Char, the wrestling aerobics killed me. How often do you post stuff like this?


  28. Mitch – I suppose you are new to our site. First, welcome! And now… the good news for you… we ARE on TV! We run a TV show called A Day in the Life where Char and I take on other people’s jobs, hobbies, or towns. We’ve spent “A Day in the Life of a Dairy Goat Farmer,” “A Day in the Life of a Pro Wrestler,” “A Day in the Life of a Magician,” and much more! You can find us on lots of cable, satellite, and internet outlets. We also stream episodes from this website (see our menu at the top of this page).

    The wrestling aerobics does appear to be everyone’s favorite. Glad you liked it!

    We post all the time – this is a very active site! Glad to have you on board! Keep in touch!

  29. Mitch Anderson

    Yeah I found the show after posting that comment. Whoops! I just watched A Day In The Life Of A Pro Wrestler. You guys are awesome!

  30. Angel

    Char I think I’m going to try wrestling aerobics with my hubby! Looks fun! 😉

  31. GO FOR IT!! Show him some GIRL POWER! *insert char-grin and deep belly laughter* You BOTH will enjoy it! It’s a whole LOT of FUN!!!! LOL

  32. Robby Lewis

    LOL Who would have thought that a game people play in high school would lead to something like this! Great video! I laughed all morning!

  33. Thanks, Robby! We certainly have a good time in life! Glad you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to check out our other posts, videos and TV show!

  34. Janice

    I can’t remember ever laughing so much at anything. The two of you are so good together. “Throwing Tantrums” was very amusing. I think that was my favorite part. I also enjoyed watching the two of you play the football game. I was actually cheering out loud for Char when she started catching up at the end of the game. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  35. Janice, we’re very happy that we were able to bring laughter to your day! That is indeed our goal… well, that and having the big wigs at the network take notice and choose us to replace Conan. No, seriously, we really are having a great time with these videos. As for cheering for Char…. come on, throw some support MY way! I need some cheerleaders on my side. Char’s got enough already! 🙂

  36. Ken Morrison

    AWESOME!!! Please keep videos like this coming! This was great! Char, Wrestling Aerobics was pure genius. WOW!!!

  37. HAHAHA Thanks, Ken! Glad we could provide you some cheap entertainment! It was so much fun!


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