January 30, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011
By Louis Magnifico

Each week, The Traveling Twosome chooses a picture from one of our journeys, junkets, competitions, or good times at home for the Pic of the Week!  Leave your comments on our picture and join in the fun!

This week’s pic is a collage from various film shoots we had over the past week preparing for our upcoming Paper Football Championship Bowl Game video .  We are planning an outrageous post on Super Bowl Sunday, complete with the game as well as lots of other surprises (this pic can give you just a few clues…  but there’s so much more).   Stay tuned and be sure to visit our site on February 6, 2011 as we publish what we’ve been working on!

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31 Responses to “January 30, 2011”

  1. Carla Goodlace

    Ooooooh! The Throwing (or is it Thowing) Violent Tantrums book is in publication! – interesting! ROFLOL

    The bottom pic cracks me up – Louis? you kinda look like Andy Kaufman in this – looks like Char’s not gonna be very gentle! LOL All I have to say is – Good Luck! 😀

  2. Eric Turlock

    You can’t do this to me! You’ve got to tell! Are all of those pictures supposed to be related to each other or are they separate hints? All I’ve got to know is, did you really box each other? Is this going on the Super Bowl post? Char, please tell! KNOCK HIM OUT! KNOCK HIM OUT!

  3. Kim

    Did you already have a boxing match or have you agreed to do it? I bet Char won / will win in a second round knockout.

  4. Carla – No, that doesn’t look like Kaufman… but this does: http://thetravelingtwosome.com/?p=3357

    Eric – The pictures all provide hints to just SOME of what you’ll see in our big post this Sunday! I won’t say more than this for now. But be sure to visit our site this Sunday! And as for Char knocking me out… well, wait for Sunday… it might (or might not) be what you think 🙂

    Kim – There are three things we’ve got going on involving boxing. One is going to be on our post this Sunday. You’ll have to check back Sunday to see that one. Another is a custom video we were asked to do involving a boxing match. Thirdly, there is a Wii Boxing competition that Char and I are going to do on February 17th. Satisfied yet? 🙂

  5. Terry

    Char you are a KNOCKOUT! lol

  6. Warren

    Oh My! I bet Char beat the crap out of Louis if they really had a boxing match. In the boxing pic, Char’s got eye contact and she’s holding up her gloves, protecting herself. Louis is just standing there and it looks like he’s looking down. She could knock him out with one punch right there!

  7. Morgan Burks

    Hands down, your best pic of the week EVER!

  8. Peter Graven

    LOL I kept clicking on the picture of you with boxing gloves thinking it would play a video clip. Wishful thinking I guess! 🙂

  9. LOL Peter, maybe some day your wish will come true! One never knows with “The Traveling Twosome”!

  10. Thanks, Morgan! Stay tuned for another wonderful year of posts, videos, pics and more!

  11. ROFLOL Of course, since I love and adore my husband more than words could ever express, I’d have to be more gentle with him than anyone else.

  12. HAHA! Not sure how to respond to this one. Could take this two different ways.

    1: Thanks! Louis thinks so too! LOL I, on the other hand, believe you all need some serious glasses! LOL

    2: I AM going to be the knock-out when I get Louis in the boxing ring! He will be the one TO BE knocked-out! LOL

    How’s that for covering all the bases of your comment? LOL

  13. Char, this is certainly enough to make my head spin. You commented (I’m assuming to Warren) that you love and adore me and will “go gentle on me.” Then you comment to Terry that you’re going to knock me out when you get me in the ring. So what Char would I get if I stepped in the ring with you? 😉

  14. ROFLOL Sweetheart….. the only thing I can honestly say to you is this: Could be lunch meat, could be peaches. Who knows! BWAaaahaaahaahaaahaaa *insert evil Char laughter*

  15. Jon Scott

    These pictures are hints for what your super bowl post is going to have? Okay, I think I get it. The two of you play your super bowl paper football game and it ends in a tie so Char decided to settle the matter in a boxing match. Of course, we all know how that turns out. Char knocks Louis out in the first round. Am I close?

  16. Jon, yes – the pics are indeed hints to what we have in store for you in our video being aired this Sunday! I won’t give too much away – the video is going to be WELL WORTH THE WAIT! But I will say this… you are not quite on the right track, but a knockout is indeed involved. Stay tuned! Sunday’s coming!

  17. Bill K

    Char, come on. It would hardly be fair for any guy to box you. Face it, you’ve got an unfair advantage! First of all, no guy would want to hit you hard and second, you’re pretty distracting! I used to box years ago when I was in the service and I’m not ashamed to say, you’d even lay me out for these reasons. You need to go up against another girl… and if you do, I feel really, really sorry for whoever that girl would be. 🙂

  18. Gene

    @Bill K I agree, it would be an unfair fight but I’d still like to see it happen. LOL I also would like to see her box another woman as well but you’re right, it would take one hell of a woman to give her a good fight. Most women would be nuts to go against Char. Did you see her arm wrestling match against that guy in their TV show set in Hot Springs? WOW!!!!!!

  19. Cynthia

    Bill, why is it when a girl wins against a guy there’s always some excuse or reason like that? Can’t you ever just admit that sometimes we’re just simply better than you? LOL You rock, Char!

  20. Bill K

    Gene, I’d like to see it happen also but I’m just saying that a guy doesn’t stand a chance against her. Yes, I saw the arm wrestling from the hot springs restaurant. I loved that guys face when he realized he couldn’t beat her. LOL He looked so surprised!

    Cynthia, I wasn’t meaning Char didn’t have the strength to beat a guy. I just pointed out that naturally Char’s going to have an advantage in boxing since she’s a girl. It’s obvious in her arm wrestling matches though that she has more than enough strength to take down most guys!

  21. I am sitting here reading all of your comments (thank you, btw!) and enjoying the banter between you all! You have all made my day! *grin* Keep the comments coming. I LOVE that you all are communicating with one another this way! Great way to cheaply entertain me! *smile* LOL

  22. I have this image now of Shane (that’s the guy Char arm wrestled at Taco Mama restaurant in Hot Springs) getting all these people walk into his place to ask him how tough Char really was. If you go, be sure to enjoy their AMAZING fish tacos! There you go, Shane, there’s your plug. I figured I owed it to you after having to endure all these people reminding you of that little event. 🙂

  23. Gene

    Glad we could make you day, now go make ours and post that video of you boxing Louis! 🙂

  24. Anne

    Been reading all these comments. You people crack me up! Would you believe I used to arm wrestle guys for money when I was in college? Paid for some of my books that way! 😉

    I don’t think I could have beaten someone like Char but I was pretty tough back then! I knew which guys I could have beaten.

  25. ROFLOL @ Gene!!

    Anne…. us girls have to represent! *grin* GIRL POWER!!! Now where’s my cape and mask? I’ve got some work to do!! *wink*

  26. Jeff Neighbors

    Char, what is your background in boxing? Have you ever boxed before? Against men or women? Or will Louis be your first match? I watched your wrestling tv show and if you are as much a natural at boxing as you were at wrestling then it is going to be lights out for Louis in the first round. Can’t wait to see it!

  27. Mary

    Char you look like you belong in boxing gloves! Louis, you better watch out! LOL

  28. Bryson

    You guys might want to know that we passed the link to this page around today at work and took a poll on who will win your boxing match. Out of 21 responses, 14 think Char will win by knockout, 3 think Char will win by decision, and 4 think Louis will win by decision.

  29. Jeff, I don’t have any background in boxing. I have always loved the idea of building up a good solid core and arm strength with boxing but more as an exercise. I never considered boxing for it’s true form. Now I just might be rethinking that! *giggle*

    Mary, they felt good ON! LOL Louis, if I were you, I would heed Mary’s suggestion to *watch out* my darling!

    Bryson, You passed the link around at work? ROFLOL You must have some really cool co-workers! Hilarious!! And BTW, not only are your co-workers cool they are SMART! *wink*

    Stay tuned! You won’t want to miss our extra special post on Super Bowl Sunday!

  30. Eric Turlock

    What time are you posting the video tomorrow? I have been looking forward to this all week!

  31. Eric,

    Give yourself plenty of time to watch this video! I promise you will not be disappointed! Our plan is to have it all up shortly after MIDNIGHT!

    And don’t forget to comment about it! Share it with your friends. *smile*


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